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    25 Best Quotes About Babies To Make You Smile

    Browsing for the best quotes about babies? The baby quotes will make you smile as much as the new bundle of joy does. These quotes about babies are certain to bring a smile to your face. From their cute little toes to their sweet baby smell, everything about babies is just pure happiness. Babies bring […] Read more…

  • 5 Fun Activities That Teach Kids How To Share

    5 Fun Activities That Teach Kids How To Share

    Kids aren’t always that great at sharing, but they can be taught to share nicely with some work. While you won’t ever find kids that get along all of the time, these activities to teach children to share will indeed help make things a little more peaceful. 5 Fun Activities That Teach Kids To Share […] Read more…


  • quotes about bad relationships, toxic relationship quotes

    25 Best Quotes About Bad Relationships To Help You Move On

    Looking for quotes about bad relationships? Move forward from your current love or breakup with the help of some bad relationship quotes. Bad relationships are no joke. They’re a serious matter and often end up with a negative outcome that affects all involved for years to come. If you’re looking for quotes about bad relationships, […] Read more…

  • The Military Wife Vows I Should Have Said

    Weddings vows are not meant to be taken lightly. On our wedding day, I stood there in my wedding dress, nervous but excited, across from my husband, I took a deep breath as I prepared to say our wedding vows, our commitment, our promises to one another. Our vows were beautiful, traditional, and meaningful. And […] Read more…


  • How Military Families Can Better Handle Their Financial Expectations For 2019

    Handling Your Expectations For 2019 Different people will have different challenges over the next year. Where you’re at and where you will be can’t really be codified across the board. Some families are going to go different directions than others. For example, if you’re in a military family, you can look over your transfers over […] Read more…

  • 5 Helpful Tips When You Have To Move On Short Notice #military #militaryfamily #pcs #moving

    5 Helpful Tips When You Have To Move On Short Notice

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT . All opinions are 100% mine. A last minute move can throw things in disarray. Thankfully, there are some simple moving tips to make the process a little smoother. Moving on short notice can happen for a number of reasons. In my case, […] Read more…