Having a smartphone is essential for everyday life and is definitely a major part of military life. With the right collection of apps, you can have organization, entertainment, and resources all at your fingertips (literally).

Military spouses face a unique set of challenges in military life and having the right set of apps and tools can make life go a little bit smoother. Here are 10 of the best apps for military spouses.

Commissary Rewards
Commissary shoppers can download this app and digitally save and clip coupons to their commissary rewards card. The app enables shoppers to access their Rewards Card accounts and new digital coupons are posted two to three times weekly.

Goal Tracker
Whether it be your education, career, or a goal you want to accomplish before your servicemember gets home, having an app that keeps track and reminds you of your goals  will help you to accomplish them.

Base Directory
The is the universal directory of all major military installations, CONUS and OCONUS. The application is from BaseDirectory.com and provides a free, comprehensive way to find what you’re looking for on base. This is helpful when you’re trying to pick your new duty station or you’re PCS’ing to a new one.

Sesame Street for Military Families
Sesame Street has an app for military families. The app includes all of Sesame Street’s resources including articles, videos, and storybooks. The app provides guidance on dealing with the tough issues for military kids.

BrightNest contains all of your home maintenance information in one place. When your spouse is deployed, the app can send you reminders when you need to do certain tasks to keep on home maintenance.

There’s plenty of countdown apps on the market. They can have different formats such as pie charts or calendars. There are also ones with weekly, or even daily reminders.

Know Your Stuff
This app is great when you’re PCS’ing. You can log all of your possessions by room and type and also store pictures and password protect all of it. Now you have an inventory of all your items and the condition it was in before the movers pack it away.

Google Drive
If you’re looking for cloud storage across your devices, Google Drive is great way to sync documents and photos.  When my spouse is deployed, I take many pictures and videos and share them in a folder so he can also have almost real-time access to what’s going on in the homefront.

My Military life
My Military Life  was created by the National Military Family Association. The app offers advice for military life based on different events.  You can get resources and information and be part of the National Military Family Association community.

Available for iPhone and Android users, the Skype app  allows for video chat, free Skype to Skype voice calls, and instant messages on the move, perfect for those separations.


Before you download an app, make sure you have a great smartphone AND great phone service. Check out Defense Mobile, a VERY military-friendly cell phone service. Defense Mobile is a 4G LTE service specifically for servicemembers, veterans, and their families. The service runs on the nation’s largest and most reliable networks and is committed to support its customers through a 100% veteran-staffed member care team.

They’ve been there, so they understand. They understand and implemented an option for military-affiliated customers who PCS, go TAD/TDY, or retire, they don’t have to switch carriers.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, Defense Mobile offers a variety of the latest smartphones.  Defense Mobile also donates 10% of its net profits to military and veteran causes and organizations.

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What apps do you use to help with military life?