Whether you are planning for a road trip, or just looking to keep your car less messy, having a few car hacks on hand can make a difference. Check out these ten car hacks to transform the way you use your car, and keep your vehicle clean too!

Here are 10 Brilliant Car Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know

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Keep a snack basket in your car

You never know when a quick trip to the store will turn into a whole day of errands! Keep a small snack basket in the car with a few snack options for your kids.

Keep your car dust free by wiping down the dash with a microfiber cloth

As a busy mom, I don’t have a lot of time to clean the car. To make it easier, I keep a cloth handy and wipe down the dashboard area when we’re at stoplights.

Use organizers to keep clutter off the floor

One of the ways you can guarantee your car to get messy is by allowing stuff to be spread out all over the car. Keep things organized by putting bin systems like this and other organizers in your car for practical storage.

Use a shower caddy for meals on the go

Shower caddies are a life saver in our car! We use dollar store shower caddies to hold fast food when we’re on the road and messy snacks.

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Keep a trash can in the car for easy cleanup

Instead of putting them in the cupholder or all throughout the car, keep a designated trash bin for trash in the car! Use a cereal box or even a small grocery bag to contain trash in one spot.

Use cupcake liners to keep your cupholders clean

Instead of putting drinks and other stuff in your cupholders, keep silicone cupcake liners in the holders for easy cleanup! Even when your drinks spill, the cupholder will be clean!

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Use an index card holder from the dollar store to keep track of essential car documents

The Dollar Tree has index card holders that work great for keeping track of registration cards, insurance cards, and all those other small documents you need while on the go.

Instead of buying air fresheners, make your own!

Air fresheners are expensive, and you can easily make your own! Get a clothespin and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it, then clip the clothespin to your air vents to make your car smell amazing!

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Use over the door hangers or organizers like this to keep toys and activities to keep kids busy during long car rides

I use over the door hangers to hold drinks, toys, and even activity pads for my kids during car rides. I can easily change these out, and it keeps things within their reach.

Keep an emergency car kit in your trunk with the essentials

I like to change these kits with the season, but in general, I keep at least a spare change of clothes, a blanket, some water, and a few other essentials based on the season.

Being a busy mom doesn’t have to mean chaos every time you get in the car! Take advantage of these hacks to not only make your car stay clean but keep your kids busy while you focus on the road.

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