There are definitely some perks to being a military spouse. Special scholarships, grants, and financial aid is just one of them! Tuition is on the rise, and military families need all the help they can to help pay for it.

10 Places Military Spouses Can Find Money for College

Here are 10 Places Military Spouses Can Find Money for College


  1. School Discounts – if you have a specific school, contact their military student advisor and see if they extend a military discount to dependents as well
  2. State College – If you attend a state or community college where your family is currently stationed, some schools will extend the in-state tuition to military families, contact the advisor.
  3. Local Spouses Club – Some spouses’ clubs fundraise specifically for scholarship for spouses at their local military installation.
  4. Non-profit organizations –  organizations such as the National Military Family Association or Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society have specific scholarships for military dependents.
  5. Expand Your Portfolio –  You’re more than just a military spouse, do you have a hobby or a skill, or are you of a certain ethnicity? Research scholarships in those avenues as well.


  6. MyCAA – Depending on the service member’s rank, you may be eligible for MyCAA benefits. MyCAA is applicable towards certification programs.
  7. Fill Out the FAFSA – If you have not yet received a Bachelor’s Degree, you may be qualified for a Federal Pell Grant. Awards can be up to $5,550 for the award year, with up to 12 semesters of aid total.
  8. Consider Online Programs – There are some reputable online degree programs (do your research!) They may not save you money in tuition, but at least you can save in room and board costs.
  9. Your Employer – Some employers offer tuition reimbursement. Others may just pay for some job-specific training. Ask your HR department.
  10. The Post-9/11 GI Bill®, – your service member may be able to transfer the benefits to you. To transfer benefits, the service member must have been serving on active duty or in the reserves as of Aug. 1, 2009 and meet certain time-in service requirements.

Other resources for Military Spouse Scholarships