When your family expands, you may panic and wonder if your home is big enough. With a new baby on the way, you may wonder, where is all the stuff going to go?

Truth be told: the baby gear market has a lot of effective marketing. You truly don’t need all of that stuff. However there are some things you can do or get to make life easier for you and the new baby. It may take some creativity, but it can be done!

10 Tips for Small-Space Living with Baby

Go Vertical With Storage

Get floor to ceiling book shelves, or install picture rails for books. This will fit more items, especially in a smaller space. Be sure to secure any high bookcases or dresses to the wall.

Invest in Dual Purpose Gear

This is gear that can do more than one thing such as as pack and play (this one has a bassinet, play yard, and changing table), high chair/booster (this one can be stored on top of a dining room chair and converts to a booster), Changing Table/Dresser (Having storage underneath like this one is a life saver)

Pack Away

If there are items that the baby is too small for, there’s no need to set them up inside your small space and take up room. Store them somewhere else. This goes for clothes, diapers, and baby gear.


If an item is stained or broken, or you know you would never use it again for the next baby, purge as much as possible. Either sell, donate, or trash it. Keep one box for sentimental items, but try yourself to that one box. A personal tip is to buy a large quantity of plastic tubs to keep things organized as your baby outgrows them. Be sure to buy them out of season to save some money.

Avoid the Toy Store

For new parents, it’s especially tempting to go the the toy store and pick up something for your little one. However, most kids have just as much fun with the child-safe items you have around the house: pots and pans, empty boxes, even an empty water bottle.

Activity Wall

Install a magnetic board for magnets, or chalkboard for older babies. Have a lot of sensory items and textures on there. That way all the play takes place on the wall and doesn’t take up too much real estate.

Creative Storage

As I mentioned, you have to get creative with storage for a small place. Think about ottomans that can double as storage. Add a second rod in the middle of your closet (or add shelving in there!). Use under-the-bed space and all of the nooks and crannies in your house.

Baskets. Baskets. Baskets.

Baskets are awesome. They are pretty, portable and, best of all, easy to toss things into. Put them in every single room and use them for everything: diaper supplies, clothes, toys, books. They’re great for an easy cleanup.

Try Easy-fold Gear

If you have gear that can be folded or rolled to store away easily, it can clear up some space for other items like a playmat ( we had this one, our son loved it, and it folded flat for easy storage), baby carrier (this carrier came in handy when I needed the baby with me but didn’t have room for a fancy bouncy chair).

Transform a closet into a baby-care central station

Tuck a small dresser topped with a changing pad into the closet and hang a short clothing rod and shelving above. Use baskets to keep things organized and easy to grab above and below. Hang some soft pockets to keep diapering essentials within reach.

Are you parents living in a small space? What is your biggest challenge?