Employment for military spouses always comes up as a hot topic. As a military spouse, I can personally say… it’s fricking hard! Military families move all the time, or their spouses have unpredictable schedules, or they’re located in rural duty stations with little to not job opportunities.

A job is one thing, a career is another. But let’s start at point A: the job.

I’ve written tips for military spouse resumes as well as given advice for military spouses during interviews. I’ve also given tips on what military spouses can do to find jobs.

Now let’s delve into those who want to work, but they would like to do it in the comfort of their own home, be it for reasons of schedules, or children, or otherwise. The internet has allowed many people to bring in income as they sit in their pajamas.I actually make money working from home as a blogger.

12 Legit Work From Home Jobs For Military Spouses
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Now is a great time for military spouses who want to work. Here are some ideas for legitimate work from home jobs for military spouses.

1. Administration/Business/IT
USAA, AT&T, Xerox and other major companies offer telecommuting employment. Career fields include administrative, accounting, software, IT support, customer service, and more. Often times, you really only need a computer, internet access, and a phone. There’s also smaller, local businesses that offer telecommuting as well. The benefit for a company with multiple locations is that you may be able to transfer your job if you move.

2. Chef or Cook
When we lived in military housing, there was one spouse who offered healthy meal kits for people who want to eat better but don’t want to prepare the meals. There was another that made tamales and another who made filipino lumpia. Another one made cake pops and cupcakes. These were always a huge hit. Just make sure you’re abiding by any food preparation or business on base/housing laws.

3. Nanny or Babysitter
You can either sign up with your local installation’s child care center to be a CDH provider, or you can go your own route.

4. Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist
Another word-of-mouth job, however, there is still money to be made around military balls and special nights out for military spouses.

5. Personal Trainer
You can offer one-on-one training or group training. You can also register with your installation’s gym if you want to venture and do class training. Heck, you can even offer virtual training and meal planning nowadays!

6. House/Pet Sitter
There is one trend of military families that work in your favor. They are typically far from home. So when they actually do go “home” for the holidays, they may need someone to watch their house or pets. Sign up via a site like care.com or rover.com or offer your services through the local facebook groups.

7. Uber/Lyft Driver
Ok so you technically aren’t “home” while you do this job, but you can still answer from “home.” The hours are super flexible too.

8. Photographer
Yes, there’s a lot of military spouse photographers, so what? People can recognize talent. From homecomings, to pregnancies, to engagements, to weddings, to promotions, there’s lots to photograph. The quickest way in would be to offer your services in local facebook groups (if admins allow it) and update your yelp account.

9. Virtual Assistant
More and more people are outsourcing so you could sign up to be a virtual assistant. You could be doing things from scheduling to bookkeeping to social media all from the comfort of your own home.

10. Tutoring
Tutor.com offers free tutoring to military kids and the company also needs tutors. Everything is online now, and best yet, you could potentially be helping other military families.

11. Property Manager/Housing Scout
Millie provide your family boots-on-the-ground support during moving transitions. They can scout out your next home. Pay varies by location and needs. For more info, visit gomillie.com

12. Blogger
You’re looking at one. (Or I guess you’re reading from one) I average about $3,000 a month and that’s only working 15-25 hours a week. You can have very own military spouse blog and tell your story. It doesn’t have to be about military life. It can be about fitness, beauty, recipes, DIY, crafts, technology anything you want.

I can take blogging anywhere which is what I love about it. My husband’s career won’t affect it at all. Plus, I’m in total control. You set your own hours. You can learn how to start a military spouse blog here, or go on the fast track plan of 4 steps to launch your military spouse blog.

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