Since you already know the best reasons to have a courthouse wedding, you want to move on to how to make this day special. Just because you’re getting married at the courthouse does not mean you want to lose the sentiment or fairy tale feeling of a wedding.

12 Tips for an Amazing Courthouse Wedding (3)


Having a Justice of the Peace Wedding is not really taboo anymore. It just endorses thriftiness and embraces the idea of just marrying for love, and forgoing the huge production. There are many different ways to make a courthouse wedding elegant and special, and most of all, unforgettable.

Here are 12 Tips for an amazing courthouse wedding.

  1. Get an amazing dress – You do not have to miss out on an amazing dress just because you’re getting married at the courthouse. Wear what you want!
  2. Get a good photographer – Pictures or it never happened. If you are to invest in anything for this day, I highly recommend putting your money towards a good photographer for memories you’ll have for a lifetime. If you’re in the Tennessee area, check out Amy Hutchinson Photography
  3. Spring for a flower or bouquet – something about a bouquet just says “bride”. It doesn’t have to be fancy but just charming enough to let people know it is your special day.
  4. Include prayer – Just because it doesn’t happen in a church, does not mean you can’t include any religious elements. Say a prayer before and/or after the ceremony to recognize your religious commitment.
  5. Focus on the Details – Less money on party favors means you can spring money on the great hair accessory, or better yet, the rings. These are important because you’ll have to stare at it every time you look at your hand.
  6. Marriage Announcements – Avoid any awkwardness with family and friends. Send out marriage announcements soon so they don’t have to find out through other people that they weren’t invited.
  7. Register – And why not register? You’re a newlywed couple, embrace it. You probably shouldn’t expect any gifts, but they will be a nice surprise if you do happen to get them.
  8. Ride out in style – House and carriage, car service, limo, you can ride in and out and around the town in style.
  9. Eat like royalty – At a traditional wedding, you’d pay an average of $30 PER PLATE. With a courthouse wedding, go to a nice restaurant or buffet and order what you want because it’s for TWO people (more if you want to pay for family, but still a lot less than a traditional wedding). Spring for the dessert and drinks. Call it your cake and champagne toast.
  10. Sleep in a palace – You also have the option of spending your first night as a newlywed couple in a great hotel or maybe even a bed and breakfast.
  11. The people that matter – Of course, if you just want to bring it back home, maybe a simple dinner, or backyard bar-b-que, surrounded by people that matter most, that’s cool too.
  12. Keep it simple. Maybe a picnic is all you need. Maybe some burger and fries will do. You just got married! Do what you want!

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  1. This tips were so helpful! Everyone keeps being skeptical that we can have a memorable court wedding when he gets back from boot camp. But now, I’m much more confident with our decision! Besides, I want my dream wedding ring and a night spent with those who matter most to me than settle for less but pay for more.

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