I got married in my mid-twenties. Some would say that‘s sacrilegious for our millennial generation. Here’s the thing. When you know… you know. In my husband, I see the difference between the boys that I dated and the man that I married.

Here are 20 Differences Between the Boy You Date and the Man You Marry:

20 Differences between the Boy You Date and the Man You Marry

1) Boy You Date: “Do you want to hang out?”
Man You Marry: “Will you go out with me?”

2) Boy You Date: Lives in the past
Man You Marry: Plans for the future

3) Boy You Date: Make excuses for my mistakes
Man You Marry: Own ups to them and learns from them

4) Boy You Date: I want a “happy ending.”
Man You Marry: I want “happily ever afters.”

5) Boy You Date: Demands respect
Man You Marry: Commands respect

6) Boy You Date: Leaves you to be with the crowd
Man You Marry: Stays with you when no one else is around

7) Boy You Date: “What do you want?”
Man You Marry: “How can I help you get what you want?”

8) Boy You Date: Is childish
Man You Marry: Is childish when appropriate

9) Boy You Date: “I finish first”.
Man You Marry: “I finish the job”.

10) Boy You Date: Thinks they know everything
Man You Marry: Takes the opportunity to learn

11) Boy You Date: “My mom’s coming over to clean my place.”
Man You Marry: “I’m going over to my mom’s to help her clean her place.”

12) Boy You Date: Calls you names during the middle of a fight
Man You Marry: Fights fairly even when he’s angry

13) Boy You Date: “I’m sorry, ok, get over it!”
Man You Marry: “I’m sorry, I mean it”

14) Boy You Date: Are provided for
Man You Marry: Provide for themselves and other people

15) Boy You Date: “That’s a woman’s job.”
Man You Marry: Knows better and never utters those words

16) Boy You Date: Talks
Man You Marry: Listens

17) Boy You Date: “Dude, she’s so hot.”
Man You Marry: Wow, she’s so beautiful.

18) Boy You Date: Ignores responsibility
Man You Marry: Embraces responsibility

19) Boy You Date: “I run away.”
Man You Marry: “I run s***”

20) Boy You Date: Complains about this list
Men You Marry: Shares it

20 Differences between the boy you date and the man you marry 1