20 Ways You Know You’re A Marine Wife

20 Ways You Know You're a Marine Wife

  1. Because oorah!
  2. Because he’s a Marine, not a Soldier
  3. The higher and tighter, the better the high-and-tight
  4. You know the Marines have the best dress uniform
  5. Some of your spouses get to carry a sword (or saber/sabre, whatever)
  6. Your husband knows more about laundry than you do
  7. You get called “Ma’am” in your twenties by the MPs
  8. You have randomly hummed the Marines hymn
  9. You know that he will always be under 18-21% body fat
  10. You know better than to say “ex-marine” *exception being dishonorably discharged
  11. You know that a sandbox is a good thing for your kids, and bad thing for your husband
  12. You know that “field day” has nothing to do with a field
  13. Semper Fi for life
  14. You are glad silkies are done with
  15. When driving on base, you know to pull over and prepare for colors
  16. You know how much it hurts when you stubbed your toe over his boots
  17. When he’s home, you screen calls, when he’s deployed, you pick up the phone for all unknown phone numbers
  18. You can decipher his LES (after a few tries, of course)
  19. You got excited when they can roll up their sleeves again
  20. And by the way, you can roll up your husband’s sleeves better than he can


photo by kpbs.org
photo by kpbs.org


How else do you know you might be a Marine Wife?

know you're a marine wife
You might be a Marine Wife if… 
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