Alas, I am no longer 25. I am slowly moving from mid-twenties to late twenties. Le sigh. As I look back on this last quarter century, I am reminded of all that I have accomplished. I am proud of what I have obtained with only a few regrets here and there (I thought cornrows would look good on an asian… I was wrong… so very wrong).

25 Practical things that a 25 year old woman should have

As I leave behind for the first 25, I want to pass on what I’ve learned.

I can list all the foo-foo junk that MTV and Hollywood has led you to believe that you need (a boyfriend that looks like Ryan Gosling, a thigh gap, Louboutins, and the x-pro filter on every selfie… not-so-much). No sir, I took a much more practical approach.

Here are 25 Practical Things That a 25 Year Old Woman Should Have

1) A crock pot
“The easiest way to “cook”.

2) Self-Defense weapon of choice
I’m old school, mine is a Louisville slugger.

3) A closet with great “staple” pieces
blazer, check. button down shirt, check. little black dress, check.

4) A beautiful purse that goes with everything
I have two: the designer bag, and the no-brand bag, both are loved.

5) Healthy ties to family members if available, or friends if not.
Consider yourself very blessed to have such relationships.

6) 1 pair of comfortable heels
…that you don’t need to stick on 10 bandages for.

7) Eye/Face Cream
Moisturization is key!

8) A game plan to start/plan retirement funds
Compound interest, peeps!

9) Her go-to pose for taking pictures
Mine is 45 degree angle with my hand on hip.

10) Trusty travel mug or reusable water bottle
Save the planet…

11) A proper headshot to use in case of a job search
Linkedin, digital profile, etc.

12) Blank special occasion cards in her drawer
Around this time, you’ll start getting invites for engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings, and baby showers… the cards will come in handy.

13) A hobby that doesn’t involve partying or shopping
You have more to offer than that, I know you do 🙂

14) Cool pair of shades
Best pair I have are from Forever 21…on clearance!

15) A first aid kit
…for tiny boo-boos and big boo-boos.

16) Stocked medicine cabinet or drawer
Tylenol… where’s my Tylenol?…

17) A basic tool set
Step 1: have tool set, Step 2: YouTube “how to…”

18) A good friend or two
…or three or four, so long as they’re good people.

19) An external hard drive
*ish gets lost or stolen in the cloud, back up your backup.

20) Fire proof safe or document box
(see previous point)

21) Good Tupperware
…Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, money doesn’t grow on trees so save the leftovers.

22) Big box wholesale membership
If not for the food, then the toiletries.

23) Food processor
Wait until you discover its magic

24) Sewing kit
Buttons pop, seams come apart, Martha-Stewart-it yourself.

25) Power drill
1. because it’s more efficient 2. Because you feel like a BAMF using one

25 Practical Things that a 25 year old should have 1