It’s been five years since I graduated college. In five short years, I am gainfully employed, got married, adopted a fur baby, had a human baby, moved across the Pacific ocean and back again, started this blog. That’s a lot to pack into a short amount of time. As I look back my days of college, I realize a lot has changed.

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Me in College, Me as a Mom

life in college is like life as a mom

But there are some things that are STILL THE SAME. Here are 25 ways my life in college is (almost) exactly as my life as a mom.

  1. I wonder where all of my money went.
  2. I eat take out food WAY too often
  3. I woke up with a headache (but not from drinking)
  4. I didn’t make my bed
  5. The sink is full of dirty dishes.
  6. No one’s unloaded the dishwasher.
  7. There’s laundry. A lot of it.
  8. There are some clean clothes in the dryer… that I left there overnight.
  9. I’m probably not going to iron them
  10. Make that definitely not
  11. A caffeinated beverage = breakfast of champions
  12. I’m not wearing makeup.
  13. Long live messy buns!
  14. I live in my hoodie.
  15. I don’t have my own room.
  16. I share a place with three other people.
  17. My roommates’ s*** is all over the place, and it drives me crazy
  18. My roommates hog: the remote, the couch, my food, my bed, the bathroom, the DVR.
  19. My roommates distract me from doing my real work and trick me into wasting time, watching weird videos, or being a lazy couch potato.
  20. I “say” I’m going to workout.
  21. I don’t.
  22. Half of the polish has chipped off my nails and I keep that way until  it grows out.
  23. My roommates keep me up at night (husband- watching tv, furbaby-playing with toys, human baby- being a human baby)
  24. My car doubles as my closet.
  25. Seriously, where did all of my money go?