Deployment affects everyone in the military family, not just the service member. Most military families may have binders to organize their PCS documents. A deployment binder full of checklists can also help ease your mind during this stressful time.

Having a binder keeps things centralized and organized on the homefront. Deployment is such a trying time, and with a little pre-planning, it may go a little easier for the spouses and families.

First you will need a binder. I like This Binder because it zips all the way around.

Other supplies include:

Sheet Protectors

Zipper Pouch

Dividers with tabs


For starters, you may need the following sections or documents:

Pre-deployment checklists

Topics range from financial, to legal, to household and more

Legal Documents

Here you will include your Power of Attorney, wills, social security cards, etc.  or at least knowledge of where they are and how to access them

Titles of things you own

Houses, cars, etc

Auto Information

Insurance, shipping info, etc.

A Budget Sheet

Depending on the deployment, the pay may be higher due to certain entitlements. It’s also beneficial to have a budget because there may be some confusion with money spending with two people in separate locations with little to no communication.

Important Contacts

This is extremely important to have, especially for the spouse or family. You’ll need to know who to call to reach your service member in case of an emergency.

Household Contacts

When things break (which they generally do during deployment), you’ll need a list of who to contact to repair them.

Medical Contacts

This goes without saying, you and your family’s health are vital and having this info on hand will help during health emergencies or issues.

Maintenance Logs

I admit it. My husband does everything when it comes to the cars, so I can be clueless at times. Having a maintenance log helps me out tremendously during deployment.

Username and Passwords

If you and your spouse don’t share accounts, having this worksheet may save you some stress down the line. Remember to have this in safekeeping.

Bill Pay log

This helps if you and your partner split the bills, or they were the primary bill payer.

Similar to my PCS binder, I’ve created printables for your deployment binder as well.

In this deployment binder printable kit, you will find:

Deployment Package Etsy 1 Screenshot Deployment Package Etsy 3 Screenshot

Deployment Package Etsy 5 Screenshot

Printables in PDF format that include:

  • Babysitter Reference Guide
  • Bill Pay Checklist
  • Care Package Checklist
  • 2 Page Care Package “What to Pack” Guide
  • Deployment Budget – Blank
  • Deployment Budget – Pre-filled
  • 3 Page Deployment To-Do Checklist – Blank
  • 3 Page Deployment To-Do Checklist – Pre-filled
  • Deployment Document Checklist
  • 5 Page Deployment Goals Tracker
  • Home Maintenance Log
  • Vehicle Maintenance Log
  • Homecoming Checklist – Pre-filled
  • 2 Page Important Contacts
  • 3 Page Medical Contacts
  • Insurance Contacts
  • Important Dates
  • Username and Password Worksheet

See more details at my etsy shop.

Those are my must haves, do you have a deployment binder? What do you keep?

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