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5 Helpful Tips When You Have To Move On Short Notice #military #militaryfamily #pcs #moving

A last minute move can throw things in disarray. Thankfully, there are some simple moving tips to make the process a little smoother. Moving on short notice can happen for a number of reasons. In my case, we are a military family, so moving is part of our culture. Try as we might to plan months in advance, extenuating circumstances happen, and that’s when we would have to move on a tight deadline. Read the tips below to try to make your emergency move a little less stressful.

Establish a Timeline

Deadlines can easily be missed or overlooked when you’re in a rush. Consider making a binder or folder to keep all important moving documents. My first page would be a to do page that’s organized by deadlines. The faster you get a timeline going, the faster you can start checking off the list and prioritizing what needs to be done.


You don’t necessarily need all of your paperwork finished to start packing. Begin by purging as much junk or unused items as you can. You can hold a garage sale, or start placing things up for sale online. It’s easier today with the help of apps and online resale groups. You can also donate your items as well. One tip I’ve learned from selling or donating online is to mark it as “First come, first serve, no holds”. If you don’t wait to offer the hold for anyone, you’ll sell your item faster!

Research and Reserve

If you happen to be moving from May to September, you’ll be moving during peak moving season. Reserve your movers, temporary hotel or living situations as soon as possible. I would research and get recommendations for about 3-5 movers as well as living options in order to not get overwhelmed. As soon as you know where you’ll be moving to, don’t wait on finding a place to live. If you’re not sure you want to stay in a certain house, you can ask if they offer short leases. Military housing usually offers month-to-month in case you change your mind.

When In Doubt, Hire It Out

If you’re really short on time, you could consider hiring some taskers out. During our last packing process, I asked a family friend to babysit the kids, so they wouldn’t distract the movers or interfere with the packing. For all of our PCS moves, I know hiring professional cleaners always made more sense for our busy military family. For our donations, we asked the organization to come and pick up all of our items (and they did it for free!). Anything you can afford to delegate might ease the moving stress for you.

Set Up Your New Home

If your furniture and housewares are going to arrive later than you want it to, consider CORT Furniture Rental. This option can be super convenient if you know you’re going to need items for a short term. CORT has beautiful options (all of which can be viewed online or in a rental location) that will make any place feel like home. The furniture is there when you need it, and CORT will move it out when you’re done. There are different lease options for different lengths of time to make this as hassle-free as possible. I recently visited my local CORT Rental Furniture location to see the options. Take a look at the gallery below. They offer great-looking (and durable!) furniture. They also offer homewares which really could really come in handy. For any military families, CORT offers special military packages as well.

Sometimes last minute moves are unavoidable. With some quick action and helpful resources, your short notice move will go a lot smoother.

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5 Helpful Tips When You Have To Move On Short Notice #military #militaryfamily #pcs #moving