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It’s no secret that military families rely heavily on their wireless providers. Time and time again, our phones are our lifelines, connecting us and keeping families close despite the physical distance. I can keep my husband updated on family life when he’s deployed and vice versa, we can connect with family that we live far away from, old friends from previous duty stations can keep in touch as we go on this military roller coaster together. For our military family, a reliable and trustworthy wireless provider is not a “nice to have”, it is a NEED-TO-HAVE.

With multiple deployments, frequent PCS moves, the inherent danger that comes with the military profession, military life is not for the faint of heart. Thankfully, there are businesses that recognize this immense sacrifice and offer lots of support for the military community.

Some businesses go above and beyond for the support for the military, and one of those companies is T-Mobile. Some are all talk, but T-Mobile absolutely backs up the claim of “serving those who serve our country.” When they launched their T-Mobile ONE Military Plan in April 2018, that was a game changer. The discount was extremely enticing, so I was curious to see what T-Mobile was all about.

After learning more about their company, here’s what I found out about their commitment to serving our nation’s heroes.  

Here are 5 Things You Might Not Know About T-Mobile’s Support for The Military


Military Discount

After researching plans for my family, I found that T-Mobile’s military discount is definitely one of the most (if not, the most) generous discounts of any major U.S. wireless provider. Their T-Mobile ONE Military plan offers unlimited talk, text and data, a Netflix subscription and a ton of other benefits, plus taxes and fees are included in the price so the bill doesn’t change every month.* (That definitely helps with the family budget!) And it’s broad reaching — the plan is available to all active duty service members, veterans, retired military personnel, members of the Army Reserve or National Guard, and Gold Star families. With this offer, nearly everyone we know in the military community can access this amazing deal.

In addition, T-Mobile just announced an amazing trade in deal on all the new 2018 smartphones from LG, Samsung and Apple – including the Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR – that gives you up to half off your new phone when you trade in your old one. With this deal, you can get the new iPhone XR for just $10/month when you trade in your old phone. And when you combine the trade in deal with T-Mobile ONE Military you can get four lines of unlimited AND four new iPhone XR for just $35/month a line.

The Perks

T-Mobile’s generosity doesn’t just stop at the discount. They’ve thought of wonderful perks that would make military life a little easier. When you sign up for their ONE or ONE Plus Military Plan, aside from saving money, you also get up to 5GB of high-speed data in Mexico and Canada (in addition to the unlimited data you get already when you’re there), free in-flight texting (+1 hour of free Gogo Wi-fi on domestic flights), mobile hotspot data, texting and data included in over 210+ destinations around the world! When we’re traveling abroad, as our military family sometimes does, on the T-Mobile Plan we would be able to use the free inflight wi-fi to help entertain the kids, and when we land, we’re able to use the mobile hotspots to check emails, and even publish blog posts here! Even if we’re traveling, he and I still need to work sometimes.

Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

T-Mobile also offers veteran and active military business owners—plus their employees—all the benefits of their unlimited plan at a specially discounted price, up to 12 lines. That’s right, you receive the same benefits of the unlimited plan for your employees on the business plan. There are so many veteran-owned small businesses we know that could benefit from this plan: the graphic design company that made his command’s custom coins, the business that made my husband’s custom plaques, the cake designer who makes those awesome military promotion cakes. Whether you’re an active duty service member with a side hustle or a veteran starting a new business after military life, T-Mobile has got you covered. Speaking of veterans…

Career Assistance

They are committed to America’s veterans and have several programs to help serve those who served our country. T-Mobile has committed to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses in the next five years. Employment is always a hot topic. From experience, I know that the military spouse employment job hunt can be really difficult. So, I’m personally thankful that T-Mobile has included military spouses in their career assistance program.  They’ve also partnered with FourBlock to sponsor recruiting events, career seminars, and training programs.

As a T-Mobile employee, there’s also these great benefits:

  • Military leave
    All employees are eligible for military leave upon their date of hire.
  • Reserve training
    Your pay and benefits continue for your two-week annual training.
  • Deployment coverage
    After your first two weeks away, T-Mobile continues your benefits and supplemental pay for up to six months of deployment.
  • Child care subsidy
    Got kids in the family? Receive up to $200 a month to help with child care expenses.

…and much more! There’s even a special jobs recruiter dedicated to helping connect with members of the military community. If you’re interested in a position, contact

T-Mobile’s Partners

T-Mobile also support organizations that are dedicated to serving the military and veteran communities both locally and overseas. Examples include Team Rubicon and The Mission Continues. In fact, for two years in a row, T-Mobile has donated to Team Rubicon for every home run during the World Series to help support hurricane recovery. In those two years, they’ve raised over  $5.1 million!

So if you’re thinking about choosing a reliable, affordable cell phone provider with excellent deals, and you want it to be a business that supports the Military in meaningful ways – you may want to consider T-Mobile.

If you are interested in any of the information I’ve listed above, check out the details HERE.

*Costs: 1 line – $55, 2 lines – +$25, 3-6 lines – +$10 (per additional line)


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