Generosity and being selfless are something we emphasize in our home, especially around the holidays. Our family has been incredibly blessed with what we have and we feel that it’s only right to try to spread that feeling of joy and gratitude. While our son is in his toddler years, we are trying to show him ways to give back.

5 Tips for Raising Kids Who Give Back

  • Teach by example. Our son’s mind is like a sponge right now. It’s definitely monkey see, monkey do. So my husband and I try to lead by example. He sees us donate old items and clothes to charities, drop food off to food banks, and overall just being kind to others.
  • Get them involved. Our son helps me put food items in the box and  put clothes into different piles for donation. Around the holidays, my husband and I like to invite friends and colleagues who don’t have family nearby, to come over our house to celebrate the holidays. Our son then helps me clean our house.
  • Choose accessible projects. Our son is still young so it’s still hard for him to understand. We choose more accessible projects for him such as sharing his toys with someone else, or giving them a hug when they’re crying.
  • Be Grateful. Gratitude is the first step to giving back. It was very important for us to teach our son to say Thank You as soon as possible. When he’s at his child care center, Tutor Time, the instructors there reinforce saying “thanks” for any act of kindness. Speaking of Tutor Time…
  • Show kindness to everyone. At Tutor Time, kindness to everyone is encouraged. From the food drive we just donated to, to the sharing policies among the kids, we love that Tutor Time is helping us raise a child who gives back. A great initiative of Tutor Time is their You’ve Been Hugged program for the Holidays. It’s basically a way of spreading joy and kindness similar to being “booed” at Halloween. It’s super easy, we just place the “I’ve been Hugged!” sign in your front window. Make a copy of the note and the “I’ve Been Hugged!” sign and place them in an envelope. ( You can add a special note on the back or a small treat or gift for a personal touch). Then secretly deliver the envelope to your family, friends, and neighbors. Repeat as often as you wish! It’s a really fun way to let someone know you’re thinking about them this holiday season.



Show your kindness to someone. Print out the signs below.

“You’ve Been Hugged” Sign:  CLCG4_You Been Hugged Insert (1)

“You’ve Been Hugged” Instructions: CLCG4_Hug Poem Insert (2)