You have kids, you have a career, you have a to-do list that never seems to be finished. When working moms do have time to exercise, they typically have to sacrifice time from something else. Truth is, you have to find a way to squeeze it in or multitask. I know, easier said than done.


With the potential for amazing results, working moms can’t afford not to exercise, even for just a little bit. Check out the seven tips below to get motivated and get moving!

  1. Lower your expectations.
    A short workout is better than no workout. You’re not training for the Olympics (at least the majority of you aren’t) So, there is no need to exhaust yourself to the point of injury.
  2. Schedule it in.
    Working moms are masters of scheduling so schedule it in and you’ll have more incentive to mark it completed
  3. Break it up throughout the day
    Do pushups when you wakeup, or burpees while dinner is cooking, or planks while you are checking emails.
  4. Break it up throughout the week.
    Try scheduling one morning workout per week, one weekend workout per week, and one naptime or evening workout per week. Bam, there are your three workouts.
  5. Workout at home.
    While going to a gym gets you away from any distractions, it also eats up precious time. There are a ton of videos online that you can use to guide you.
  6. Involve the kids
    Breaking out the jogging stroller, or have your kids run alongside you. Or perhaps a nice game of tag or soccer in the park will kill two birds with one stone: getting fit and bonding time.
  7. Aim for consistency
    Remind yourself that a short workout is better than no workout. It will keep you in the habit of going. Fitness is a marathon not a sprint, so being consistent is the key to success.