A Semi-Delicate Balance
that’s me!

Work, Life. Life, Work. How do today’s women manage this? Anyone? No? Ok.

I’m JD,

I am a mother, a millennial, and a wife to wonderful man in the military.

Working Mom Blogger.

Military Spouse Blogger.

Millennial Blogger.

You name it. I do it. Writing is my passion, writing well is my talent. Well, at least I think so.

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll chronicle my feeble attempts at doing so. You’ll find personal stories, advice, insights, and much more. So take a look around and see how I manage… a semi-delicate balance. In this blog, you’ll get an intimate glimpse on how I manage motherhood, being a military spouse, and everything in-between.

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  1. A friend of mine emailed me your website cause she saw one of the sign I made on here. I’m a military wife as well, thank you for using my sign on your website. That made my day even brighter!

  2. A friend of mine emailed your website and showed me that one of the signs I made for my husband’s homecoming was displayed, thank you. That made me smile and be even more eager for his return soon 🙂

  3. Saw your pin of outfits to wear and REALLY love that blue/cream stripe top. Any ideas on where to purchase it?? I think it is just gorgeous!!! You have fabulous taste.

  4. My main squeeze is deployed as we speak and I wanted to thank you for making me laugh when I cant sleep at night even if i do wake up the kids….

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