Having same gender siblings is full of pros and cons, just like raising siblings that are opposite genders. With that being said, there is something to be said about the advantages of having the same kids of the same gender. Below are the top advantages of having same gender siblings.

7 Advantages Of Raising Siblings Of The Same Gender

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Saves Money

If you have same gender siblings you’ll find that you save money. You can easily hand down clothing and favorite toys to the younger sibling. Same gender siblings will often indulge in similar interests and if they’re born around the same time of year, you can even hand down clothing that the older sibling outgrows. Be sure to hang onto anything from your firstborn child to ensure that you have these hand me down items.

Learn To Share

More than likely, your same gender kids will share the toys, clothes, or room. Same gender children are also more likely to share a room even as they get older so your kids will be well adapt at sharing when they are adults.

Potentially Similar Activities

Most young siblings want to do what their big brother or sister is doing anyway. With siblings of the same gender, it may be easier on the parent as far as scheduling. With gender stereotypes aside, for example, if your boys both enjoy baseball, you have a better chance of going to the ball fields one day of the week for 2 games. If you have one boy in baseball and one girl in softball (two entirely different leagues), you may come across some conflict of schedules.

Deeper Bond

Often times same gender siblings will have a deeper bond than those siblings who are opposite genders. While this isn’t the case for all siblings that share the same gender, you’ll find that the younger years make for an interesting friendship and bond. As your same gender siblings get older, they may develop a little distance during the adolescent years and then back to their deep bond again in early adulthood. Same gender siblings might have more in common in personal experiences.

Advantages Of Raising Siblings Of The Same Gender, Parenting boys or girl


With same gender siblings, parents can be a little more flexible on modesty (to a certain extent). For example, putting your same gender kids in the same bath save you some time or having then both use one room to change into clothes. It will also save you time and effort when you are out of the house, and both need to go to the bathroom. Usually, it’s easier for one parent to bring both kids in the same bathroom versus going to different bathrooms.

Someone to Play With

In addition to having a deeper bond, same gender siblings will always have someone to play with. You won’t have to switch back and forth trying to entertain your children, instead, your same gender siblings will be able to entertain each other as they’re the same gender and will more than likely have similar interests. This ensures your children will always have a playmate in the house, no matter what.

Prediction of Events

With same gender siblings, you’re better able to predict the stages in childhood. Such as when the hormones of puberty will end. Having same gender siblings allows you to master parenting the second, third and even fourth time around when you have same gender siblings. Being able to predict natural events and growth spurts in your children truly helps you be more proactive as a parent.

Although no parent can plan for same gender siblings, these are true advantages that occur when you give birth to same gender siblings. There are so many amazing benefits of raising children that are all boys or all girls, these are the top advantages of raising same gender siblings. What are some advantages you’ve seen when it comes to raising same gender siblings?


Advantages Of Raising Siblings Of The Same Gender, Parenting boys or girl #motherhood #momlife #parenting #siblings #parentingtips