Whoo-hoo! You got called for an interview. 1st step done, you know that your resume was good enough to warrant an interview. The next step is the hard part: nailing that interview. Based on my personal experiences, here are some answers to some of the tough interview questions you might face.

5 answers for hard interview questions for military spouses

Why did you move from (there) to (here)/What brings you here?

-My spouse’s job transferred him here. I’m excited to bring my talents to this new city and contribute to your company any way I can.

What does your spouse do?

-{not sure if this question is legal to ask) but I usually respond “He works for the government. He loves what he does which is why we moved. I’m hoping to duplicate that passion for work here at [company name]”

Why did you move so many times?

-”I’m sure you would agree that it’s an employer’s market. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to move up on the career ladder. I’ve taken all of my experiences in the places I’ve lived and apply them to every facet of my career and being so mobile has definitely improved my ability to adapt and learn quickly.”

How long do you plan on staying here?

-“If hired, I plan to staying here as long as possible. I can’t predict the future, but I can tell you that when you hire me, that no matter how long my tenure is here, you’re going to get a great employee who works hard for you.“

Are you a military spouse?

-(again, don’t know if this question is legal) but my answer would be “I am happily married to a man who gives up his wellbeing and happiness to serve his country. I don’t know of any other profession that requires that much sacrifice. With that said, the military is one part of my life but it’s not all of my life. My career is important to me. I can assure you that being a military spouse has only given me the strength to overcome and handle any roadblocks or difficulties that may come my way.”

What kinds of questions have you guys been asked in the past? Did you answer them well?

Answers to Interview Questions for Military Spouses
Answers to Interview Questions for Military Spouses

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5 Comments on 5 Answers to Interview Questions for Military Spouses

  1. hi, military wife here, how do you explain the periods of unemployment? ex. stay at home moms due to deployments

    • Hi,

      For periods of unemployment (which I have definitely been through, PCS, deployment, etc), my response is usually “My family and I decided that it was in our best interests to be fiscally responsible during that time period. I chose to be temporarily absent from the workforce, but I still worked on my improving my skills such as (customer service, admin, communication, etc.). I’m ready to rejoin the workforce, re-energized and ready to contribute my time and talent to this company.”

      Hope that helps!

  2. Definitely some of the better answers I’ve seen in articles like this that I’ve read! Especially since most don’t actually provide answers for the dreaded “What brings you here?”

  3. It is illegal to ask if you’re married. All questions in an interview should be job related. I would suggest any question inquired about a spouse you shouldn’t answer or volunteer that information.

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