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A Letter to The Big Bang Theory

A Letter to The Big Bang Theory

I admit, at first I found your constant reruns on TBS irritating. Until, I was stuck in hotel room and that’s all that I could tolerate watching. Before I paid attention to “TBBT”, I found it arrogant, predictable, and well, ironically, dumb. And then that fateful night. I watched one episode, which led to 2, […] Read more…

Top 10 Movies for Millennials

top 10 movies for millennials

Generation Y, Millennials, that group of entitled lazy spoiled brats: what are the films that have defined our generation and why?   10) Toy Story 3 Considering that millennials pretty much grew up with the Toy Story Series, the 3rd installment was a reminder of how far we had come. We watched a little boy […] Read more…