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The Military Wife Vows I Should Have Said

The Military Wife Vows I Should Have Said

Weddings vows are not meant to be taken lightly. On our wedding day, I stood there in my wedding dress, nervous but excited, across from my husband, I took a deep breath as I prepared to say our wedding vows, our commitment, our promises to one another. Our vows were beautiful, traditional, and meaningful. And […] Read more…

50+ Inspirational True Love Quotes


You’re incredibly happy and inspired in your relationship. Here are 50+ inspirational quotes about true love to help express your feelings. A true relationship is two unperfect people refusing to give up on each other. –Unknown All of me loves all of you. – John Legend, All of Me And in the middle of my […] Read more…

5 Ways to Make it Feel Like “Home” For the Holidays

5 Ways to Make it Feel Like "Home" For the Holidays

The holidays are here, there are holiday treats everywhere you look, holiday sales, holiday celebrations, holiday decorations, the list just goes on and on. While it’s generally a joyous time, for a military family like mine, the holidays are also a reminder that we are far from our loved ones. Some years, it’s simply not […] Read more…

15 Small Things You Can Do In A Marriage That Make A Big Difference

15 Small Things You Can Do In a Marriage to Make a Big Difference

Every morning, my husband I run through our routine together: shower, my work clothes, his uniform, makeup for me, shaving for him. We text each other if there’s any update in our lives throughout the day. Then come home, hug, eat dinner, clean up, kiss each other goodnight and then repeat for the next day. […] Read more…

100 Short and Cute Love Texts To Send


Sharing these cute and short love texts with your partner can make their day. Text your love these messages and see if you get one back from him or her. I love you I miss you I’m thinking about you I adore you You are my everything You take my breath away You make my […] Read more…