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10 Surprising Ways To Lose the Baby Weight (Easily And Naturally)

Surprising Ways to Lose the Baby Weight easily and naturally, #newmom #postpartum #babyweight #loseweight #momlife

Losing post-pregnancy weight can be a difficult battle for the best of us. Here are some easy things to incorporate to help you lose that baby weight naturally. Whether you put on 10lbs or 100lbs with your most recent pregnancy, the reality is that every mom tends to struggle with ways to lose the baby […] Read more…

5 Helpful Tips On What To Do When The Baby Only Wants Mom

Tips on what to do when baby only want mom, advice for when baby prefers one parent #momlife #newmom #parenting #baby #mommy #momproblems

It may be a wonderful feeling for Mom that baby wants to snuggle, cuddle and be close to mom at all times, but it can get stressful. Having a baby that only wants Mom will make it difficult to do any household chores, find a babysitter or even let Dad have some baby time. Today […] Read more…

Having A Newborn Baby Boy: 10 Things to Expect for Your Little Man

Having A Newborn Baby Boy_ 10 Things to Expect for Your Little Man #babyboy #newmom #boymom

Learn about getting prepared for your newborn baby boy’s arrival. This is a list of things you need to know about having a baby boy versus having a girl. 1st. Congratulations, you’re having a boy! 2nd. Oh my goodness, you’re having a boy… Freaked out yet? Your newborn baby boy will make his arrival in […] Read more…

How I Got My Baby to Go From Bottle Back to Breast

How I Got My Baby to Go From Bottle Back to Breastfed #breastfeeding #newmom

Both of my kids had trouble breastfeeding at first, although for different reasons. For the both of them, I had to to figure out a way to transition the bottle drinking newborns (drinking both expressed breastmilk and formula), to latching onto me and breastfeeding. The issue. Both of my babies were c-section babies. Their deliveries […] Read more…

5 Tips for Babies with Sensitive Skin

Tips for Babies with Sensitive Skin

Both of our kids have sensitive skin. I knew it when their skin would easily get rashes when they were in contact with a new shirt, new soaps, or even environmental changes. I remember with my oldest, his skin would turn red or have a mild rash when during seasonal changes. Our second baby start […] Read more…