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The Best Outdoor Play Toys for Toddlers

best outdoor play toys for toddlers

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than sending your toddlers outside and transforming your backyard into an awesome play space. I know my little guy loves playing outside in the backyard, front yard, or on the sidewalks of our neighborhood. Toddlers need some time outdoors to release that extra energy now that they are […] Read more…

12 Activities for Toddler Quiet Time

12 Activities for Toddler Quiet Time

Toddlers are rambunctious little ones full of energy. However, mommy and daddy do have to get some work done to keep things going: clean, dinner, correspondence, etc. If your toddler is out of the nap stage, there are some things that you can have them  do to encourage some safe, independent play. As much as […] Read more…

7 Toddler Items You Need and 3 Items You Don’t

7 Toddler Items You Need and (Three You Don't)

When I organized my toddler’s dresser, I separated out all of his old baby clothes… and then I cried. Other parents know why I cried because they might have gotten sad during this time as well. It’s an interesting transition from baby to toddler.  On the one hand, you pat yourself on the back for […] Read more…

5 Tips For Raising Kids Who Give Back

5 Tips for Raising Kids Who Give Back

Generosity and being selfless are something we emphasize in our home, especially around the holidays. Our family has been incredibly blessed with what we have and we feel that it’s only right to try to spread that feeling of joy and gratitude. While our son is in his toddler years, we are trying to show […] Read more…