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Working Mom

A Day in The Life of a Working Mom

A Day in The Life of A Working Mom

Junior is approaching the 6 month mark, which means we have almost survived half of his first year. My maternity leave was only 3 months and after that it was back to the rat race. Being a working mom is no joke. Here’s a glimpse of a day of my life as a working mom. […] Read more…

How to Return to Work after Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Return

On January 6, I became a new mom. I felt very stressed and overwhelmed. 12 weeks later  I became a working new mom. (Insert curse words here). Not only am I dealing with the stress and responsibilities of being a new parent, I now have to deal with the stress and responsibilities of my job. […] Read more…

7 Ways to Save Time for Working Moms

Saving Time For Working Moms

As you may have noticed, I like to keep my posts short and sweet. Why? 1) It’s my writing style. You’ll probably never see a novel from me. Maybe a collection of short stories. 2) My attention span is short. Distractions come easy to me—SQUIRREL! 3) I don’t have time. Between working, mommyhood, wifey-hood, I want […] Read more…

My Child is in Day Care. And I Feel Guilty. But Should I?

My Child is in Day Care

“I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.” Those are the words I kept repeating to myself as I got Junior ready for his first day at Daycare. Being the type-A personality I am, I prepped and prepared everything the night before. I picked out his clothes, loaded the car, and […] Read more…