Raising a chronically messy teenager is difficult, but you can deal with them. Follow these tips and deal with your teenager with ease.

Raising a teenager is hard enough, but when you’re raising a chronically messy teenager, it’s even harder. All you want is to make your teenager pick up after themselves and keep their room tidy, but they’re perfectly content living in a disaster zone.

If you’re wondering how to get your chronically messy teenager to be a little more organized and tidy, I have some tips for lending so that you can survive these years with a chronically messy teenager. 

How To Deal With Your Chronically Messy Teenager

How To Deal With Your Chronically Messy Teenager

1. Allow Bedroom to Be Their Way

Since you won’t win every battle with a chronically messy teenager, it’s best to put some boundaries up so that your teen can at least have one area at home that’s “organized” in a way that makes them feel at home. Set a rule that their room can’t have food wrappers or anything unsanitary in it, but allow your teen to have their bedroom as tidy or not as they want. 

2. Make Calm Requests

Try to get your chronically messy teen to meet down the middle with being tidy. You can offer to have their bedroom set up in a way that makes them happy but ask them to help tidy up after themselves in the other areas of the room. Keep a note for any cleanup requests you have, as many chronically messy teens won’t even think to tidy up unless you lay out reminder notes or tell them. 

3. Don’t Let it Get Out of Hand

As stated in the bedroom rule, be sure that you set some boundaries because you don’t want to have a home full of insects or rodents due to your teenager’s inability to tidy up after themselves. Try to keep things under control. Allow their bedroom to be messy within reason as an example, but teach them about being sanitary so that insects and rodents don’t take over the home. 

4. Embrace your Teen’s Ways

Last but not least, sit down and have a chat with your chronically messy teen. They may be lazy to focus on tidying up as they have other “fun” things to do. They might also be unsure of what an organized room looks like. Find out if your teen would like some tips to help them change their chronically messy ways. You may be shocked to learn that they’re open to some advice you have. 

In all reality, some people are just messier than others. If you’re a person who enjoys a clean home, but you’re raising a chronically messy teen, it can be challenging to cope. Using the tips I shared today should help you come to a middle ground with your teen. Sometimes, a parent has to deal with their teen’s type of person and hope for the best as they get older and start to have a home of their own.


How To Deal With Your Chronically Messy Teenager