With orders in hand, you brace yourself for another military family PCS. You prepare yourself for emotionally and mentally, but have you prepared yourself financially? The military does provide some funds to cover the costs of moving but it doesn’t cover it all. Put your budgeting sheet from your PCS Binder to use. Whether it’s a DITY move, or you have movers, here are some ways to help save money during your next PCS Move.

How to Save Money During Your Next PCS Move

Ebay, craigslist, facebook sales groups, garage sales, there’s a lot of avenues for you to sell items you don’t need anymore. Popular items include furniture, baby items, clothes, home decor, books (I swear every military family has a box of books they keep carrying from house to house but they never get rid of it.)

For items you are able to donate, make sure to get a receipt after the donation. Different states have different tax laws but you may be able to write the donation off.

If you find yourself nearing the end of your toiletries but still nowhere near your moving day, head to the Commissary and get yourself some coupons. Brands like Unilever usually have coupons on the aisle for their products. Also, email coupon groups like Groupon or LivingSocial can have major discounts on cleaning companies, you might scoop one up if you don’t want to clean yourself.

Freezer meals FTW!
About a month before, you can prepare some freezer meals to cook for the last week you are there. Anything to save money on eating out (and those extra calories aren’t necessary) Casserole ditches can already be prepped in their aluminum pans. Crock pots meals can be stored in ziploc freezer bags. They also make crock pot liners so you can save on the mess when you cook in the crock pot.

Dollar stores
The dollar store is my staple for party supplies, namely their plastic utensils and paper plates and napkins. Use these to hold you over before you move out and after you move to your new place.

Contact existing utilities/Cable/Internet companies at least a month out
You don’t want to be paying for these services when you’re not living in the house. Some companies make you pay for your last full month so that’s why it’s worth contacting them at least a month out to make sure your money is not going to waste.

Pit your next Cable/Satellite/Internet services against each other
Research these companies beforehand and get quotes from them. Ask if they have any specials for new customers. Finally, end each phone call with “Is that the best you can offer?” OR If you found a cheaper company, explain that XYZ company is offering this much, can this company better that offer?

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