Military life is not easy. For the new spouse or significant other, it can get extremely overwhelming. It’s not like there is a handbook…

except there is!!!

Modern Military Spouse eBook

My friends, Jo, of Jo, My Gosh and Lauren of The Military Wife and Mom, wrote our long-awaited Modern Military Spouse eBook. We worked on this for almost a year.

Modern Military Spouse

This book is entirely focused on sharing everything you need to thrive as a military spouse or significant other. We cover everything we learned as new military spouses and share it all in one convenient book with you. Think of this as a step-by-step guide for military spouses and significant others.

Join me, along with hundreds of other military spouses, and grab your copy of Modern Military Spouse today. It has everything you need to survive the ups and downs of military life!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 14 comprehensive chapters
  • 20+ printable documents and checklists (Including deployment, PCS, marriage, and resume)
  • 3 bonus sections (Including acronyms, abbreviations, and terms)

What you’ll learn:

  • When You Don’t Have a Ring
  • What to Do When He’s Gone
  • Preparing for a Successful Military Marriage
  • Creating a Budget That Works
  • Hitting the Books Military-Style
  • Military Proofing Your Career
  • Building a Strong Support Network
  • Becoming a Good Military Spouse
  • Navigating Military Life with Kids
  • Step-by-Step to PCS
  • Moving and Living Overseas
  • Using Social Media Safely
  • Complete List of Resources for Spouses
  • Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terms Defined



Thank you again for your input earlier. Once you purchase the eBook, feel free to keep the feedback coming!





jd-bio JD is the youngest among the three of us and blogs at Semi-Delicate Balance. She covers military topics, motherhood, and whatever tickles her fancy. She is known for her humorous listicles that detail the funnier, more ridiculous side of military life.


lauren-tamm-profile-150-x-150Lauren is a mom of two littles and military wife living overseas in Okinawa, Japan. She spends her days drinking infinite cups of coffee while chasing an energetic toddler around the house and soothing a baby.


jo-bio Jo is the author of the highly successful blog Jo, My Gosh! where she shares mostly military-related posts with a side of care package and blogging advice. Her husband is enlisted and they don’t have any kids.




10639668_948104578539117_7443423467564663672_n“Jo, JD and Lauren did the hard work for all of us! They took an overwhelming amount of confusing and out of date information for military spouses and turned it into a fun, modern book with an easy way to understand this military life and find the resources you are looking for.” – Jennifer Pilcher, Founder, and proud milspouse for over 18 years

524222_525607987482048_2124669006_n“Finally! A military spouse handbook that I can recommend to new spouses! This book is the friend I wish I had when I was a young Navy wife. I wouldn’t have felt so alone, so unusual and so un-military if someone would have given me Modern Military Spouse along with my dependent ID. Modern Military Spouse is a mentor, a drinking buddy, and a confidant for today’s military spouse.” – Michelle Volkmann, managing editor, NextGen MilSpouse



taraaiminghighwife “It is so refreshing to have finally found a book that feels more like talking to a friend. The days of the out of date “issued” military spouse handbook are finally in our past! I love that the mixing of JD, Jo, and Lauren’s experiences gives this book a truly well rounded point of view. The “Modern Military Spouse” is the perfect guide to help navigate the adventures of being a military spouse.” –Tara, Aiming High Wife


The only thing these awesome writers did wrong is not produce this book 6 years ago. As a military spouse of 6 years with 4 moves under her belt, the early years were hard. Even with amazing superiors and spouses who paid it forward, we blazed a lot of trails simply because we were the first to be married in our group. That is where this amazing book comes in; this is the missing link that compiles all the military life resources in one place. Save yourself some ulcer inducing moments. Read their book today!” –Elizabeth, The Reluctant Landlord

Modern Military Spouse eBook