I was a Navy Girlfriend for exactly 3 years and 6 months. That would be considered a lifetime in the military world. I moved 3,000 miles to be with him. I had to restrategize my career path. I’ve had to miss family and friend celebrations. I spent months worrying and stressing over the safety of his life during deployments and separations. I did all this… without a ring.

to the navy girlfriend, quotes and advice

We are coming up on our “first date” anniversary and I wanted to reflect back to our dating years. To say the least, military life was hard.

I was there.

…waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up so I could get on base.

…stressing over deployments knowing I wouldn’t be called because I’m not next of kin.

…handing over cash to my boyfriend at the Commissary because heaven forbid I pay the cashier directly.

…trying not to judge or compare that other military couple that got married after 1 week  of dating (true story).

…feeling like the most important person in the eyes of my boyfriend but not the eyes of anyone else.

…having that awkward silence when I had to correct people when they called me “his wife”.

…getting “the look” when I said we were only boyfriend/girlfriend right now.

… having to hear “I couldn’t do that” or “I would never” or “you must be crazy”

…smiling politely and avoiding the question when people asked us when we were getting married.

…hearing information secondhand because I couldn’t officially be on the distribution list.

…struggling to find a proper support group or outlet.

…feeling like I had one foot in and one foot out of the military community.

…wondering if all the heartache and stress would be worth it.

navy girlfriend 1

I guess it was worth it 🙂

I had written some quotes and tips for the army girlfriend but they definitely apply to navy girlfriends and all military girlfriends.

For all military girlfriends, enjoy this time.

Enjoy the date nights.

Enjoy the butterflies.

Enjoy the love.

They may become permanent.

To the Navy Girlfriend