Learn about getting prepared for your newborn baby boy’s arrival. This is a list of things you need to know about having a baby boy versus having a girl.

1st. Congratulations, you’re having a boy!

2nd. Oh my goodness, you’re having a boy…

Freaked out yet?

Your newborn baby boy will make his arrival in a short while. Despite today’s culture about gender neutrality, there are some cultural and physical differences in having a baby boy vs a baby girl. Here are 10 things to Expect for Your Little Man.

Having A Newborn Baby Boy: 10 Things to Expect for Your Little Man
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Having A Newborn Baby Boy: 10 Things to Expect for Your Little Man


This is a decision up to the parents. It’s a completely personal decision that shouldn’t involve judgement from anyone else. However, it it a decision that needs to be made before delivery especially if you have to let the hospital or pediatrician know.

Their little fire hoses

Obviously, boys’ plumbing is different than girls’ plumbing. With little baby boys, be careful when diapering or taking them out of the bath, because their little fire hoses can go off whenever (and on whoever). From personal experience, don’t bother with those pee pee teepee things. Once your son pees on you for the first time, you’ll become a diaper changing ninja.

Diaper leakage

Speaking of their little hoses, you may think that just because they have the diaper on, that you’re safe from any leaks. WRONG. From a mom of boys, remember to point your son’s penis down when you put the diaper on, otherwise they’ll shoot it out of the top of the diaper and it will leak everywhere.

Baby boners

No joke, baby boys have tiny erections. It’s normal, but still a little weird.

He’ll try to grab “it”

Let’s continue the penis talk. Your little guy might be curious and try to grab it during diaper changes or bath time.

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Lack of selection

Boys clothes are cute, however, the selection is FAR more limited than the girls. You can just see the difference by walking in the store. Do you want this shirt and pants? Or this shirt and pants? Every once in a while, there’ll be a polo.

Easier to dress

The lack of variety in boys clothing can also be a perk because boys are WAY easier to dress: a shirt and pants. Very rarely do you have to fuss over their clothes and accessories because it’s too complicated.

The Name

American tradition calls for men keeping their last name and most women changing or hyphenating their last name. Because of this, you have to make extra sure that the name you choose goes with his last name (because it is unlikely he’ll change it). This means to make sure it sounds good and make sure when you write it, it looks good. You may also have to decide if your son will become a “Junior” after his dad.


Most of the time, newborn boys have less hair then baby girls. If they are born in a cold climate or season, be sure to stock up on some beanies for his bald, little head.

Easy hair maintenance

Speaking of less hair, your boy’s hair will be much easier maintenance. Run a comb through it and it’s done! You may have to visit the barber more often though.

Are you getting excited about your newborn baby boy?


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