Toddlers are rambunctious little ones full of energy. However, mommy and daddy do have to get some work done to keep things going: clean, dinner, correspondence, etc. If your toddler is out of the nap stage, there are some things that you can have them  do to encourage some safe, independent play. As much as I love my toddler clinging to my leg all day long, it’s not a way to live for parent or toddler. Here are some ideas to help you out for your next toddler quiet time.


Lots of books. I like to rotate his books in and out so he “forgets” what he’s read and each book can be like a new book. Here’s a great children’s bookshelf to keep them organized.

Building Blocks

Encourage them build a tower or castle or car. Give them a “goal” to build with their building blocks.


Color it, destroy it, build it, make-believe with it. The possibilities are endless!


If you need a little sun, head outside and give them some chalk to decorate your driveway.


My little one loves picking up crumbs when it’s clean up time (for now anyway). I also let him fold socks or small towels when I’m doing laundry.


The kids costume rack at the re-sale store can be gold! Let them show you different outfits and model them.


Magnets are always a winner. We have some fun magnets like these on our refrigerator and dishwasher. If you’re not in the kitchen, get out a magnetic baking sheet and now you have a portable magnetic surface for anywhere!


Give them coloring prompts. Draw your favorite animal, your favorite place, your favorite activity, etc. Crayons are typically a safe bet. Just make sure it’s non-toxic and not on the walls!

Play cars/trains

You can have them build a city around the dining room table while you get dinner ready or do some work.


Always a hit, avoid carpet if you can!


With age appropriate puzzles, these can be a great way to keep them busy for a while.


Love stickers! My son’s obsessed with this reusable sticker set.

12 Activities for Toddler Quiet Time