Any parent will tell you, kids grow fast. It’s like one day, you look back, and your little baby is not a baby anymore (even though they’re still your little baby). As your kids get older, it may be tempting to keep every little art project or keepsakes from their childhood, but let’s face it, if you did that, your collection would be total chaos!

20+ Must-Save Pieces of Childhood MemorabiliaBelow are some ideas to get you thinking of things that you might like to consider keeping. This list is just a guide, of course. Saving memorabilia is a very personal endeavor, and what one person considers trash, another might consider treasure. There may be things on this list that you personally don’t find to have a real attachment to or items that you think might be missing.


  • Ultrasound pictures
  • Birth announcement
  • Hospital bracelet
  • Baby Blanket you brought him/her home in
  • Baby outfit you brought him/her home in
  • Band-Aid from his first immunization
  • Lock of hair (from first hair cut)
  • First pair of baby booties
  • Christening gown
  • Label from first jar of baby food
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby book
  • Baby’s ink footprints
  • First rattle or toy or stuffed animal

As they get older….

  • First tooth your child loses
  • School art and papers
  • Awards, trophies, and certificates
  • Pictures they draw
  • First attempts at writing letters and numbers
  • Sticker from first dental visit
  • First report cards
  • Class pictures
  • … of course, lots and lots of pictures and videos!


What do you have to keep for memorabilia?