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Month: November 2015

Thank A Vet With DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DAV. All opinions are 100% mine. Veterans Day is coming up soon. I wanted to thank my favorite veteran, my husband. This video you just saw was created with the help of DAV (Disabled American Veterans). DAV is the only nonprofit that provides a […] Read more…

20+ Must-Save Pieces of Childhood Memorabilia

20+ Must-Save Pieces of Childhood Memorabilia

Any parent will tell you, kids grow fast. It’s like one day, you look back, and your little baby is not a baby anymore (even though they’re still your little baby). As your kids get older, it may be tempting to keep every little art project or keepsakes from their childhood, but let’s face it, […] Read more…