PCS orders are in hand for your military family. The movers have come and hauled away all of your crap stuff. You are now onto the fun part: traveling. Or at least, it should be fun, right? Traveling for a PCS shouldn’t be complicated with these brilliant hacks to help you along the way.

46 Hacks and Tips for PCS Travel (1)

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1) Even if it’s a TLA approved hotel, call before to make sure there isn’t any major construction or get the manager to assure you that you won’t be placed near ithotel-construction-400x400

2) Call your banks to let them know you are in the middle of a PCS and will be traveling so they won’t turn off your credit/debit cards (learned that one that hard way)

Swiping credit card with POS-terminal

3) Get some cash in low denominations for various tips: airport porter, cabs, hotel staff, etc. They’ll treat you and your military family nicer when they know you’re an appreciative customer. If you’re driving, it makes good for passing through tolls easier

4) Buy a zippered binder for your PCS binder instead of a regular one. Stuff won’t fall out and it’s more durable.

5) I like to keep receipts (that will be turned in for reimbursement) in an envelope so I can easily write on the outside: the date, which receipt, and how much the receipt was for.

6) Turn a pot holder into a heat-safe travel case for your hair straightener or curling iron

flat iron, pot holder

7) Tic-tac Cases make the perfect bobby pins/safety pin holders
bobby pins

8) Use a sunglasses case to store headphones and chargers

headphones, sunglass case

9) Add a cotton ball to your powder to prevent it from breaking

Maria Macini, pinterest
Maria Mancini, pinterest

10) Place a fresh dryer sheet in your suitcase for a “fresh clothes” smell
dryer sheet, luggage

11) Roll your clothes instead of folding to save space

12) Pack your razors in a binder clip

13) Place plastic wrap over bottles of liquid and then screw the cap on to help prevent spills

14) Place shoes inside of shower cap to keep the dirt off of your clothes
shoes, shower cap

15) Put one outfit per day per kid in a gallon freezer bag, and tell them they can pick one each day

16) Pack extra cash or valuable documents in a maxi-pad wrapper to ward off thieves
anti theft


17) Ladies, get a suitcase where you can attach your purse to make life easier
bag, purse

18) Place contact info inside of your luggage

19) You can search your flight info by typing in your airline and flight number into Google. Only works for flights that are arriving or departing within a day, since airlines reuse flight numbers.
20) Bring an empty water bottle with your carry on and fill it up at a drinking fountain. If the airport restaurants have a drink dispenser, use theirs before using the ones by the bathrooms.

21) BYO Blanket. According to flight attendants, blankets only get washed if they LOOK dirty. Ew…

22) Get a cheap shower caddy to help serve meals
shower caddy

23) Keeping separate laundry bags will make things easier to organize
laundry bag

24) Cereal containers make great temporary trash cans for the car

25) If you know you will be in the road for a while, maybe you don’t even need suitcases.
car storage

26) Keep the kids busy with distraction boxes
games travel

27) Or Snacks!

28) Always have an emergency kit

emergency kit

29) Ice water is easier if you put a water bottle that’s half filled on its side to freeze
ice water

30) Checking into foursquare at pit stops might give you access to free wifi if you look in the comments

31) You can also try it out for bathroom codes

32) If you’re a new place and forgot where you parked or where you’ve been, take pictures to remind yourself or place a pin on google maps

33) Pack bottles of wine in pool floaties

34) Handiwipes are better than regular napkins in some cases

35) Febreeze… because someone will pass gas… or vomit… or worse.

36) Call ahead for room service if you have a hungry (translation: cranky) family
room service

37) If you’re looking for a USB port, look on the TV

38) Keep your toothbrushes clean by using clothespins

39) Or use them to hang up wet clothes to dry

40) Does the room smell funny? Place a dryer sheet over the AC or fan

41) Bring an over-the-door hanger to keep toiletries organized if you know you will be living in a hotel while waiting on military housing
over the door

42) Save time on microwaving by doing this

43) If the iron and ironing boards are kind of shoddy, use your hair straightener

44) Don’t lose chargers ever again. Use a power strip to keep everyone’s chargers in one place
power strip

45) Hotel remote controls are disgusting. Cover it with a ziploc to use

46) Use duct tape or masking tape as temporary baby proofing over drawers and outlets
baby proof

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  1. JD you’re amazing! I’m not even in the category you’re in (military spouse), I’m single. But wow, some of these ideas are excellent for ANY traveler. Great job! All the best of wishes in your travelling life with your family. 🙂

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