young mom
Young mom

Do you ever wonder if you had kids too early? Do you think about the “what if’s” if you had waited? Here are the 5 best (and worst) things about being a young mom. The best:

  • I still have energy… somewhat

Your body still has the energy reserves to keep up with the needs of young children. You can run around with them, chase them down, and still be ok.

  • my body recovered somewhat more quickly

While you’re young, your metabolism is still fast. After delivery, don’t be surprised if your body snaps back quicker than if you were older.

  • I‘m still considered cool

You’re probably still young enough to remember what’s it like to be a kid so you know how to be “the cool mom”. You know the lingo, the trends, the technology, etc.

  • Life after kids

If you have your kids young and then stop when you’re older, you still have some active years left. For example, say you stopped having kids at 25, your forties will be a little more carefree knowing that your kids will be a more independent by then.

  • I get to love my child a little bit longer

This is the best reason why being a young mom rocks!

and the worse…

  • Judgmental stares/questions

“Oh wow, you’re so young”, “Don’t you think you should have waited?”, “Did you plan to get pregnant?” To all those who judge young moms… mind your business…oh and shut up.

  • Mistaken for his sister/babysitter/nanny

Yes, you may look young enough to be baby’s caretaker and not the mom. But you did a lot to carry and deliver that baby so let it be known that you’re a proud mom! *This reason is in the “worst” pile until you turn 30. Then it goes to one of the best reasons. (“Why yes, I am his mom, but thank you for thinking I’m young enough to be his sister”)

  • Unsolicited advice

You’ll receive all sorts of advice that you didn’t ask for whether you’re a mom but it happens more often when you’re young. People just assume you don’t know anything. Pretty sure there’s a learning curve with all first time moms.

  • Social life or lack there of

Your childless friends or colleagues are going out to happy hour or parties. Sometimes you miss going with them. But then you make friends with other moms, or you get a really good babysitter.

  • I want to be a kid sometimes

When things get really rough, you think about the times when you had no kids and no responsibilities. It’s a fleeting thought though. Because you look at your child’s face and realize… they are the best thing that could have happened to you.

How do you feel about being a young mom?

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6 Comments on 5 Best (and Worst) Things About Being a Young Mom

  1. I was a young mom and now I’m an old mom of a 7yo.

    I think in your 30’s is the best time to be a mom. If you get a college education straight out of high-school then start a career you will have a good 10 years (give or take) to save up. Then you can take 10 years off or work part-time and have time and money (because you saved up) to spend doing fun and exciting things with your child.

    In your 30’s you still have plenty of energy and you are more mature (hopefully) and with your experience of dealing with people in your career you will have hopefully developed patience because patience is a must have as a parent.

    Even if you wait until your late 30’s you will have plenty of energy as long as you didn’t let yourself go. And if you don’t have too many too spread out you will still have plenty of active years once they are grown.

    • Not that I regret having my son at all ( I love him to pieces!) But sometimes, I do wish I would have waited until my late 20s, early 30s. Finances play a huge role in that. And you’re right about patience. You need to have A LOT of that when you’re a parent. Thanks for the insight!

    • oh absolutely! Getting advice from family and friends is one thing, but I also get it from strangers… thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great article! I had my 3 at 18, 21 and 24. Maybe a bit too young. Lol. But they are 20, a month from 18 and 15 now and I know I don’t have the same energy. And I lost my ovaries through a cancer battle at 32, so I am glad it worked out the way it did! And I did finish college and law school- if I had anything to add it would be to drag that college and grad school thing out as long as possible. I was in way to big of a hurry to get it all done, but married student housing holds some of the best memories ever!

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