This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Teach For America. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every morning, I hold my son’s hand and walk him to his classroom. I’m always a little hesitant to let him go. (intermittent working mom guilt, I guess). His teacher spots me and and we walk over to have a chat. We go over any details that one another should know. I guide my son’s hand over to hers, and we say goodbye.

In that small moment of changing hands, I, literally and figuratively, transition control of my son over to his teacher. In that moment, I, as his mother, entrust the care and education of my son over to his teacher.

Needless to say, I trust his teacher wholeheartedly.

Every daily report I receive reaffirms that my son’s day is not wasted. Every afternoon, I pick up a son who is happy, smiling, and full of stories of what happened that day. Teachers are such an integral part of our children’s lives. Here are 5 Signs of a Great Teacher.


1) They have the training.
It’s important to know what educational background and training your children’s teachers have. Any good teacher will happily divulge. For example, the teachers who are part of the Teach For America program receive extensive training and ongoing coaching and development in the classroom.
2) They maintain the balance between lecturing and listening.
A great teacher also listens to his or her students and at least, opens that dialogue. This empowers their students by helping them to develop their own voice.
3) They are a skilled leader.
Leading and captivating the minds of a room full of young ones isn’t always easy. Teachers also have to be leaders. Teach For America finds, trains and places outstanding leaders as teachers in 52 regions around the country and provides incredible leadership and skill development.
4) Their students remain a top priority.
A good teacher should tell you all about your child’s learning ability and personality. They take the time to try to connect with all of their students. Teach For America alumni hold distinguished leadership roles in many fields and continue to advocate for kids.
5) They let their passions show through their lessons.
My son’s teacher loves integrating some sort of history in her lessons. I noticed some of her students repeating the historical facts she taught them. When a student recognizes passion in their teacher, then they are more apt to become passionate and invested in their lesson.

To all teachers, thank you for the priceless gift that you offer to our children. If you are interested in a career where you can do something really important every day, consider Teach For America. They recruit individuals from all career backgrounds and majors. They also support our military with the Military Veterans Initiative. Teach For America is currently recruiting military veterans and spouses to become teachers and put students on a new life trajectory. The service legacy proves that Teach For America supports veterans and spouses who are considering a teaching career. Veterans and military spouses can join a community dedicated to their training, support, and lifelong leadership development. Please check out the video below or click here to learn more about teaching.

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