I was petrified to cut out newborn son’s fingernails. HOWEVER, I knew he couldn’t live with those baby mittens on his hands forever. I knew it had to be me to cut his nails since my husband had large, rough hands. I, as he put it, have delicate asian lady hands. …Whatever.

My kid has nails like me: nice, strong, and somewhat sharp. He’s definitely scratched himself a few times. In actuality, trimming your baby’s fingernails should be done at least once a week and toenails… maybe once a month.

Around a month old, it was time to cut his fingernails, I was a nervous wreck, and on the first try, I clipped him. Of course I did. This is why I can’t have sharp objects.

I stuck the mitten back on and decided to try again later (like weeks later).

Well, with time, I got better and better at it and I picked up some tips that may work for you.

Here are 5 tips for clipping your baby’s nails.

5 TIPS FOR trimming your baby's nails

Wait for the right time.
Wait until they’re sleeping. Newborns sleep anywhere and everywhere so when you decide to cut their nails, make sure they are sleeping in a place where you can access their hands. Or you can try when you’re feeding them.

Use blunt, rounded-tip scissors, or baby nail clippers.
Do not use adult nail clippers. They can cause injury to your baby by cutting the tips of their fingers instead of the nail. Ouch! We used these baby nail clippers.

Enlist some help.
Have someone to help you clip your baby’s nails. They can hold the baby’s hand steady while you carefully clip the nail close to the fingertip.

File your baby’s nails with an emery board or file.
I tried doing this for a while, it worked okay, but it just takes longer. This is best done when they’re relaxed and you have some time. This emery board worked just fine for babies.

Don’t panic!
If you draw blood, or accidentally clip the fingertip, don’t panic! Apply gauze until the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, the cut might be deeper. Call your child’s pediatrician to see if additional medical attention is needed. apologize profusely but don’t hate yourself. it was an accident.

Now if somebody can help me clip my toddler’s nails.

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  1. I clipped my son’s fingertip once when he was a month old, and I felt so bad I didn’t use clippers again until he was over a year. Know what works for me now that he’s a busy little toddler? I put a baby video on YouTube and cut his nails with nail scissors while he’s distracted. I’m not ashamed to break the “no screen time until he’s 2” rule. Sometimes you just gotta do what works!

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