5 Ways Families Can Connect With Long Distance Loved Ones-2

Warning: good feeling alert with the video below.

The whole project began when Western Union held a customer-appreciation event where they spoke with customers, gave away branded merchandise and invited customers to share their stories around food, family and culture on camera. After being struck by the cultural diversity of the participants, their strong sense of family and their love of native foods, this video came about.  They captured 24 customer stories through this opportunity and decided to surprise 3 of them with a popup surprise meal from their family.

Well after I watch this video

1) I cried instantly. 2) It really shows the powerful effects of reconnecting with your loved ones.

This past holiday season was the first time we had both sides of the family in town since our wedding. It really made me realize that family is everything, especially now since we have our son.

Unfortunately there are circumstances where our family can’t always be together. For example, I am a first generation Vietnamese-American, which means that my parents were born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States before I was born. When I was little, we would go back and visit our families there.

Western Union - Vietnam

Vietnam isn’t particularly a wealthy country and that goes the same for our families there. I remember my parents would send money through Western Union to them to help them out. I never understood how much they needed it until I look back on photos such as these. 

Western Union - Vietnam-2

Cut to today, where we are a military family that is once again, separated from our loved ones. With constant PCS (permanent change of station) moves around the country (and the world!), we have to work really hard to find ways to connect with families. Even more so during my husband’s deployments. It was incredibly hard to try and connect with him when he was so far away.

Western Union - Military

With so many loved ones in different parts of the world, our little military family has to work even harder to stay connected. Here are 5 ways Families Can Keep Close with Long Distance Loved Ones.

1. Video Chatting/Phone Chatting

There are great services to see and talk with your loved ones around the world. Invest in a nice webcam and lighting to optimize your conversation. A good-old fashioned phone call works as well.

2. Western Union

One of the easiest and safest ways to send money to loved ones is through Western Union. For our family in Vietnam, it has been a lifeline for us and them.

3. Letters

Email is nice, but a good old-fashioned letter brings about some nostalgia. It’s really great to know that someone took the time to handwrite a letter to you, that their hands touched the same letter that you have.

4. Care Packages

I loved sending care packages to my husband when he was deployed. There are so many ideas via Pinterest and Google. I loved personalizing them and I know my husband loved receiving them.

5. Sharing Family recipes

When I make my Vietnamese marinated Beef recipe for my family, it instantly brings me back to memories of my family growing up. This was a recipe passed down from my mom, and I love how food connects generations.

What are some ways you keep connected with loved ones from far away?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.