It was 6pm on a Friday night, I had been waiting for my husband to come home for at least two hours. Earlier in the day, he said he would be be off at 4pm. I decided to keep my patience and wait and wait and wait…

Meanwhile, I had just fought traffic to get home from work, I had a screaming baby on my hip, and I rushed to get dinner on the table because I was starving.

Now, it’s two and a half hours later and still nothing.

It could be traffic… he could have gotten tied up at work… what if something happened?…

7pm, he strolls through the door.

“Hi baby, how are you?”, he says… as if he WASN’T late and nothing ever happened.

“Where were you?!” I asked. “You didn’t answer your phone!”

“I was at the gym,” He said. “And my phone died.”

I was livid. Next came an all-out shouting fest.


To summarize this epic fight:

Him: “I said I would be off at 2pm, not coming home at 2pm. I went to the gym and ran errands. It’s not my fault you assumed I would be home. Working out is part of my job.”

Her: “You didn’t think to tell me that? It’s the end of the week, and I would like to relax too. Instead, you get to go to do whatever you want to do and I’m going nuts.”


Stupid fight, right?

All couples fight. I feel like military couples have a unique set of hurdles which sort of makes fighting even worse or perhaps more frequent. Here are some common conflicts Military Couples Face (and how to solve them)

1) The Military
2) Money
3) Kids
4) Division of Labor
5) Communication
6) Trust
7) The Future