When I organized my toddler’s dresser, I separated out all of his old baby clothes… and then I cried.

Other parents know why I cried because they might have gotten sad during this time as well. It’s an interesting transition from baby to toddler.  On the one hand, you pat yourself on the back for a job well done. On the other, you realize that childhood really is fleeting.

After sorting through his baby clothes and this his baby gear,  I realized that “man… he had a lot of stuff for such a small person.” Then I think, “hmm, what does he really need during his toddler years?”

Here are 7 Toddler Items You Need and 3 Items You Don’t

7 Toddler Items You Need and (Three You Don't)

Things You Do Need

Furniture Straps

Absolutely 100%, as soon as they learn to crawl, they learn to climb. Take 20 mins out of  your day and make sure all furniture is secured to the wall with these furniture straps.

Comfort Item

Toddlers aren’t as small anymore. It’s hard to carry them and do the “baby jiggle”. If your child has a comfort item, it can definitely help them self-soothe and build some independence. (Although you’ll always be there for the hugs!)

Step Stool

These are great for the kitchen and bathroom. My toddler loves to “help out” in the kitchen. The one in the bathroom is there to encourage him to wash his hands more often (or play in the sink, whatever). We love this step stool


Yes, you don’t need the big travel system. However, having a compact umbrella stroller works for those trips when your toddler will get inevitably get tired of walking around.


I don’t think this one needs explaining. My son loves this potty seat.


These are one of the most economical and fun ways for your child to express themselves artistically. They also allow for motor skills development

Extra Locks on Doors

Around this time, your toddler may be able to open doors. This can get dangerous, so having a small hook out of reach on the door or an extra lock can give you some extra peace of mind.


3 Things You Don’t Need

Faucet Extender

I saw this in the stool the other day. It’s really not necessary if you have a step stool.

Diaper Bag

If you don’t anticipate any more babies in the future, you can retire the bulky diaper bag. A few diapers and wipes in your purse. Some extra essentials in your car and you’re good to go.


The longer your toddler has a pacifier, the harder it will be to take it away.