8 Pictures to Take With Baby Each Month
8 Pictures to Take With Baby Each Month

Yes, I admit it. I am a total paparazzi mom. My kid may think his name is “cheese” for a while. Although I’m a tolerable paparazzi mom because I don’t post ALL of his pictures on social media. Before he turned three months old, I had enough pictures to fill all the pages of a 200 page photo album. (yeah, photo album, because I’m old school like that).
As I upload and clear out the pictures on my smartphone to make more room (again), I always think about the photos that I must remember at least once a month for this first year. Here are the 8 Must-Have pictures to take with the baby each month.

A Portrait
Play Time

Sleeping Angel


New Trick


With Siblings/Pets/Friends (if any)


With Dad


With Mom


Entire Family


What are your “must-take” photos?

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