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Tips for Smooth and Organized Thanksgiving Travel

Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is coming up. You made the decision not to host so it’s time to see family and friends for this glorious holiday. The hard part is just getting there. No really, “getting there” as in traveling when 80% of the population is trying to do the same. Below are some tips to avoid those […] Read more…

Should You Take a Pregnancy Class?

Should you take a pregnancy class?

With Baby C being our first child, Doctor highly suggested taking a baby course.  Up until my second trimester, I really didn’t think we needed one. That’s what google is for! How hard could it be? Women have been delivering babies forever, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, right? As I found out at my […] Read more…

Decorating as a Renter


Perhaps you’re not ready to buy a house yet: financially, physically, or mentally. So you know you’ll be in the renting game for a while. When your first walk in your rental, you see bare walls, clean appliances (hopefully), and carpet with fresh vacuum lines in them. Well, what to do to make this seem […] Read more…