Tips for Thanksgiving Travel
Tips for Thanksgiving Travel

Thanksgiving is coming up. You made the decision not to host so it’s time to see family and friends for this glorious holiday. The hard part is just getting there. No really, “getting there” as in traveling when 80% of the population is trying to do the same. Below are some tips to avoid those holiday headaches.

By car:

-Pack the car the day before. Leave extra space for those “I-forgots”

-Fill up your gas tank beforehand. Who wants to wait at a gas station before they embark on a road trip?

-Check the traffic report, 1 hour, 30 minutes, and 5 minutes before you leave. Map out the route YOU want to take. Don’t let siri or google maps do all the talking. Those beezys don’t have to sit in traffic.

-Bring snacks. The right kind of snacks. Those that don’t need to be refrigerated or reheated. Individually packed are better. Avoid anything where you might need napkins (greasy chips, cheetos, etc.)

-Prepare entertainment. The radio’s nice but hitting a deadspot leads to an awkward and even longer driving experience. Get some playlists store on an mp3 device of some sort. For the picky people… bring headphones.

-Extra bags for trash, puke, or randomness


By plane:

– Check the traffic route before you head to the airport to avoid any surprises

– Check in your flight and check for any delays

– Pack the liquids bag in an easily accessible pocket.

-Wear slip on shoes, yeah they may not be attractive but you’re going to be sitting on a plane, who are you planning to meet? Make it easier to kick off those shoes when the flight starts anyway.

-Pack all chargers in carry-on baggage. A dead smart phone is no good when the charger is in your checked luggage.

-Headphones. Not just for the in-flight movie. But for your tablet, laptop, Mp3 and the screaming baby that is sitting behind you. Because the screaming baby always sits behind you.

-Bring cash. When you arrive to the airport, and you see it’s a hot mess. Look at the airport courier line and see if you want to tip to get some expedited service…

What are some other tips that come in handy for holiday travel?