Clubbing While Pregnant
Clubbing While Pregnant

It’s Saturday night, your girlfriend calls you and announces it as “Girls’ Night!”. WHOOPTY-WHOOP! You can’t wait to get dolled up and go out for a night of partying.


You’re pregnant.

With Halloween coming up, invites for those Halloween nights out will be coming your way. I personally believe any and all alcohol should be avoided during pregnancy but what if you just want to dance?

Question is: should I be going out when I’m pregnant?

Wait, how pregnant? 1st trimester? No one could probably tell anyway. Just watch the fistpumping and drink water if you start to feel queasy. And try to avoid the smoking areas if you can. See if you can sneak some crackers in your clutch. They might be crumbs by the end of the night but it’s better than getting kicked out because you’re throwing up in the bathroom for being too “wasted”.

2nd trimester? hmm… bump may start poking out. Is that bodycon dress going to fit? Wear something looser if it doesn’t. You may be able to pass the bump off as extra fluff. However, that doesn’t take away the protective mommy mode when someone bumps into you, or spills their drink next to you. Not cool, bro. You might wanna ride solo in your own car and meet up with the girls, just in case you want to call it a night early.

3rd trimester? haha. yeah ok. I just can’t get that scene from Knocked Up out of my head. Even so, I feel like everyone staring at my bump, wondering why I’m out, …judging me. Even I was judging me for thinking about it.

“What if you go into labor, stupid?”

“How selfish are you?”

“You and your baby need rest”.

As I am feeling way too tired and fat to go bar-hopping in my third trimester, I can’t give too much insight into it. For those who power through it. Get it, girl.

Maybe I’ll try zumba to get those dancing desires out.

Have any of you gone clubbing/bar-hopping while pregnant?