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This is what breastfeeding looks like when you’re a middle class working mom with a deployed husband.


Not so glamourous without the x-pro filter, is it?


An article on Yahoo! Parenting touched on The Problem with Celebrities and Breastfeeding photos. Given the glamorous nature of these photos, do these images actually help normalize the practice of breastfeeding in public?


Some argue yes, given the popularity and wide reach of the celebrity photos. Jamie King’s received 20,000 likes. Olivia Wilde receive a whole magazine spread. These celebrities make breastfeeding appear effortless and therefore can help advocate for public breastfeeding efforts.

When Alyssa Milano posted her selfie, she received a great response. In fact, she said that her use of social media is great for the support from other moms.

“I can ask a question about anything at all and get a good variety of opinions from everyone. When I tweet about breastfeeding or baby stuff in general, it feels good knowing that women are there to support each other. The mommy club is pretty special and I love being a part of it”, she said in an 2011 interview with Best for Babes

On the other side of the coin, some argue that this is an idealized and unrealistic portrayal of breastfeeding.  It doesn’t seem to help real-world situations for example, when a mother was kicked out of Starbucks or shamed during graduation.

As you can see from my photo, as a “normal” mom, I don’t get to have my hair and makeup done when I’m nursing my son. This, to me, is normal: messy bun, no makeup, and my son in a diaper only because the ac broke.

I have breastfed Junior in public before, mostly with a cover because it was always really cold (You know how nipples get when they’re cold). No matter if it was at a restaurant, an amusement park, or a baseball game, I still always felt really at peace when I was nursing. 1) Because it got the kid to stop screaming 2) because nursing releases endorphins 3) it really, truly does feel completely natural.

Yet, if I were to post pictures of myself breastfeeding online, I receive little to no feedback (except from other breastfeeding moms). A picture of my son drinking from a sippy cup, meanwhile, gets a huge response. In both of these situations, my son is just nourishing himself. it seems as though the cup is deemed as cute, while the nursing photo has the potential for controversy.

Then again, should I care that my breastfeeding selfie isn’t getting that many “likes”?

I’m feeding my son and doing the best I can for him and that’s all that should matter. Retweet that.


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(Lead photo image: Instagram/Alyssa Milano)


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