If you haven’t decided on a costume for Halloween yet, try paying homage to your service member by dressing up as a military pin-up girl. It’s a glamorous and fun throwback that is full of patriotism.

military pinup

I’ve done it twice now: once to represent the Navy, once to represent the Army. It’s a feminine look that will always get you compliments. Best of all, they make for great pictures and memories!

military pinup1

Once you have your costume, use these tips below to complete the entire look.


Costume: You can create your own or buy it from a store, Military pinup costumes are usually form-fitting and flattering to the female figure. Lookout for ones with great accessories like a hat or belt. Make sure it is comfortable to wear, and perhaps

1. Wear Some. 2. Nude colored items, thongs, or seamless will be best for a form-fitting costume 3) If you are a part of the itty-bitty-titty-committee, a nice push-up or padded bra will definitely help you out.

Shoes: While you may be tempted to wear flats, heels will give that tush a perkier appearance. You can always use some foot inserts, gel pads, or bandages to cover the spots that might rub and get irritated later.


Clean Eyebrows: Pinup models were known for a high and shapely arch with NO stray strands. Tweeze any stray hairs away and lightly fill them in with some eyebrow shadow. Use Vaseline to smooth it all out.

Red Lipstick: keep lips looking plump and full. A lovely shade of red will give you instant throwback glamour. A Matte color will be true to the time period while a glossy color will give you a modern take on the pinup look. Best of all, you can do the kissy face all you want tonight (it goes with your costume!)

Lashes: Thick and full of volume! Use falsies if you can. Two swipes of dark mascara to keep your eyes looking alluring.


Use either a curling iron or hot rollers to give you bouncy voluminous hair. Once your hair is curled, lightly brush it out and tease it to turn those curls into soft waves. Finish with some a good hairspray

Military Pin-up costumes usually come with a hat or head accessories, criss-cross bobby pins to hold them securely in place.

Put that costume on and perfect that smile! Happy Halloween!

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