Junior is approaching the 6 month mark, which means we have almost survived half of his first year. My maternity leave was only 3 months and after that it was back to the rat race. Being a working mom is no joke. Here’s a glimpse of a day of my life as a working mom.


A Day in The Life of A Working Mom
A Day in The Life of A Working Mom

-Wake Up 30 min before alarm goes off because Junior was crying

-Calm Junior down

-Try to sneak in another 20 minutes of sleep

-Wake up for real

-Get myself ready

-Get Junior’s bottles, my lunch, my breast pump ready

-Wake up Junior

-Get Junior ready

-Pray he doesn’t spit up on my clothes

-Load Junior in car

-Drop Junior off at school and head to work

-Arrive at work a few minutes late because well… I don’t even know why, it just happens

-Go to bathroom to cry about missing Junior

-Call to check up on Junior

-Go and pump, miss Junior even more

-Do a reasonable amount of work

-Start thinking about missing the baby

-Try not to cry

-Cry anyway

-Time to pump again…

-Lunch Time! (Thinking about leaving and never coming back…)

-Remember that we got bills to pay

-Attempt some more work, calls again to check up on Junior

-Tear hair out, feel miserable (because baby was crying in the background)

-Time to pump again

-Try to stay awake to do work

-Do a questionable amount of work

-Stare at baby pictures

-Try to focus and not cry

-Go to bathroom to cry

-Brainstorm ways to be a millionaire in order to stay home with baby

-Get depressed because there’s no solution

-Countdown the minutes until I leave and pick up Junior

-Still counting down

-Still counting down…

-Is the clock f**king broken?!

-Time to go get him!

  • —Do other working moms have a similar day?—

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  1. Perfectly said! I spent the first few years of my son’s life trying to figure out how to stay home. The spit up on my clothing has been replaced by toothpaste and I still cry sometimes. But it gets better, my son is in school now and knowing he has to be there makes it easier for me to be at work.

  2. I think you miss them no matter what – it’s never really exactly like YAY (though I’ve had those mornings that were so awful I was kind of a little yay) but you get used to it. There’s less crying, anyway 🙂

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