Most women know that being healthy before you get pregnant allows better chance of conceiving and perhaps experience a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy. For couples planning on getting pregnant, preparation doesn’t all fall on the woman, there are several pre-pregnancy things a man should do as well.


Here are 5 Things HE Needs to Do Before You Get Pregnant


Protect Your Family Jewels

Take fewer bike rides, wear looser shorts and pants, and limit your time in the hot tub. Activities that have the potential to constrict or overheat the testicles can decrease your sperm count.

Giving Up

Give up excessive alcohol, tobacco, recreational substances, junk food, and inactivity. Stick to a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and more sleep. Limit exposure to harsh chemicals like paint, fertilizers, pesticides, and harsh solvents. This will help support a fertile sperm count.

Visit the Doctor

Consult with your physician about preconception, any health concerns or medications you may be taking, and get a basic physical examination. Ask the doctor for advice based on your personal health that can contribute to a successful pregnancy.

So Much Green

Be sure to set up a budget. Make sure your insurance coverage is up to date. Also be aware of how prenatal care, labor and delivery, postnatal care, and checkups are covered.

Be supportive

Pregnant women are notorious for being moody. Be aware of the physical and emotional changes your partner will go through once she becomes pregnant. Be prepared to support her, love her, and be patient (VERY PATIENT).