Holiday shopping is in full swing. You pretty much have an idea of what to get everyone on your list. But what about that military service member in your life? He (or she) could be a spouse, a family member, a friend, a loved one, or just an acquaintance who you drew the name for secret santa. Here are some holiday gifts ideas that are perfect for any military service member.


Water bottle

You want to get them a durable water bottle that can go through a lot. Hydro flasks are popular because they will preserve the temperature of the liquid for a long time. Nalgene water bottles are convenient because of price and design. I got this filtration water bottle for my husband because he doesn’t trust the public water fountain at work. This one has a built in filtration.



A long-lasting wallet will also come in handy. You can get one that has a special compartment specifically for their military ID. My husband wanted this wallet because he said it was for the outdoorsman (but I think it was because of the bottle opener).


G-shock Watch

While we’re on a durability theme here, g-shock watches are popular with members of the military due to their toughness. They’re water resistant and shock resistant. Plus there is a ton of designs to choose from, even camo



Jack Daniels, Crown, Sailor Jerry’s, the list can go on and on for popular hard liquor for military service members. You can get them a bottle with a nice glass set to go along with it.



These handy dandy tools have everything but the kitchen sink attached. It’s perfect for anyone’s tool box or tool drawer or even in the back of their car. You can get one of different sizes so they have one for every project. Compared to power tools, leathermans are pretty affordable.



Let’s face it, most service members are into sunglasses because it’s typically their only accessory to personalize their uniform. Walk on any military base, and you’ll see Oakleys and Raybans as the most popular brand of sunglasses.


Kindle/Tablet Books for Kindle Tablet

If they’re into tech-y stuff, you could get them a tablet to do some multi-tasking that their phone can’t. If they already have a tablet, then you can get them gift cards to download books for them to read on their tablet.


Bluetooth earbuds

Perfect for PT. Bluetooth earbuds let your service member work out to their favorite tunes without any wires getting in the way. I actually got a pair for myself after getting some for my husband because these are just so much more convenient than traditional headphones.



These tactical flashlights are great to have at work and at home. They are durable and long lasting. They can also use them on deployments as well. They’re not too expensive either so you can give them as stocking stuffers as well.



My husband’s personal phone may as well as double as his work phone. I got him this charger and a couple of extra chargers so he can charge his phone and devices at work, in the car, and at home.

What will you be getting that military service member for the holidays?


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