I'm a Mom and My Friends aren't yet
I’m a Mom and My Friends aren’t yet

When I tell people I’m expecting, they say “congratulations!”. When I tell them how old I am, they say “ohmigod, you’re so young!”

…what’s that supposed to mean?

I am 25 years young. The average age for mothers having their first kid is 25.4 in 2010. It was 22.7 in 1980. In that case, I‘m average. But I have to wonder when people say “young”, does that mean they don’t think I’m prepared? Perhaps “millennial” and “mom” don’t belong in the same sentence anymore.

Biologically, I’m set to have kid in my teens. Nature tells me I’m ready by then. It reminds me every month, actually. So I’m thinking 25 is the prime age. The bar scene gets a little old, but I’m not 30 yet, so 25 is perfect right? Perhaps it isn’t the case in my circle because only a handful of girls have babies. But It shouldn’t make a difference in our friendship, right?

Hmm well. I can’t afford to be spontaneous as they are with their time. I can’t afford getting schwasted because my child might need me in the morning. Hell, I can’t afford getting that extra round of drinks because I have to pay for diapers. So what’s a mom to do?

Thankfully, I have some pretty, awesome friends who provides both sides of the coin, they’re fun to hang out with AND they would make great baby sitters.  They’ve been fully supportive, and are excited to be “aunties”.

Not to say that I don’t sometimes feel jealous of what they have. I miss the days that I can drop everything and have fun without any major responsibilities.  And then I look at my ultrasound photos of my son, and then I look at my husband, and all those feelings of envy disappear because this relationship is what matters most to me now. I’m going to be a mom and some of my friends aren’t. No one has it better. No one has it worse. I just know that what I have… well, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.