With frequent and unpredictable deployments, separations, PCS moves, communication can be considered a hurdle in military life. Thankfully, technology keeps getting better and better. Nowadays, internet connection is practically a lifeline for most military families. With so many things up in the air, there is a way to solidify your internet connection… no matter where you are.

Making Communication Easier with the AT&T Unite Explore Device

Introducing The AT&T Unite Explore Mobile Hotspot by NETGEAR

This device is compact which makes it easy enough to carry anywhere. While your smartphone may have its own 3G or LTE internet, your tablet or laptops might not. This is the hotspot to connect ALL of your devices. You can be traveling or camping, and if you need to setup wifi for whatever reason, the hotspot gets you connected, no problem. Battery life is super impressive, almost 22 hours of continuous use. If your kids or teens need to hop on, the device also offers parental controls. Speaking of kids and teens, the device was certified for protection against shock, water, dust, and dirt, so it will hold up even when your kids handle it or when hubby takes it to the field! It can also charge your phone which is super-duper handy if you’re in a bind! The best part is up to 15 devices can connect at one time, so no back and forth with the kids about who is going to get to use it.


When I booted up this hotspot, I read through the instructions, and there were a only a few easy-to-follow steps. Ten minutes later, I had a functional device that was connected to the internet. I then connected to the hotspot on my laptop… strong connection. I then tested it on my tablet… strong connection. I then took it out side as far outside… what do you know? …strong connection. I then decided to give the hotspot a harder test: video chat.

As a military family, sometimes the best way to communicate with our loved ones back home (or with my husband, the service member) is via video chat. In the past, I’d have to be trapped at home and tethered to my desk and hope that the internet wouldn’t drop out so I could video chat with my husband. With the AT&T Unite Explore Mobile Hotspot by NETGEAR, I could be roaming and video chatting with my husband when me and my son are out and about. This way, my husband could see and share in the memories that take place outside of our desktop computer.

So on me and my son’s next park adventure, I took my tablet and the hotspot with me. I then called up my husband via video chat to show him live video of our son playing. We talked for about 15 minutes and the internet didn’t drop out once. There was virtually no lag time in our conversation. My husband got to see my son playing, laughing, and running around, not sitting at a desk. I thought to myself, “well, this is an absolute dream product for our little military family.”

Here are some other ways military families can use the device.

PCS Traveling
No more worrying about expensive data from hotels or going through the lengthy sign-on every day. You can have your very own secure connection with this hotspot!

It also comes in handy so you don’t need to use public connections where you don’t know who the owner is and what the potential risks are. For military families, online safety is an absolute must!


With a steady internet connection, you can connect with your loved ones from anywhere!

You could be camping, at the beach, at the park, basically nowhere near an electrical outlet and still have data. Use it for your road trip as well to keep the kids (or yourself) entertained.


Backup connection
Let’s face it, smartphones can either break or get lost. Your internet service provider might have down time or your home or business may have a power outage leaving you without internet. With a hotspot on standby, you can make sure you always have a backup connection, ready to go.

Initial set-up was super easy. Pricing begins at $49.99 with a 2-year contract and $199.99 without. If you’re not already an AT&T customer, there are standalone/no-contract plans you can set up to for this device.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AT&T/Netgear. The opinions and text are all mine.